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Sweet Fifteen, New Deal, and THEN...

(Over 300 levels have been released since the Sweet Fifteen levelpack was officiated.)

Around 70 levels have been nominated for the Hall of Fame. They are listed here:

These levels have been selected by several players (listed on the page). Anyone can add to this page if they want to, but I think it is fairly complete.

Now the list should be consolidated, until only 15 levels are left. Everyone should vote for or against the levels. The plan is to only have some levels with v1.4 features, because no one has mastered them yet.

What about this?
50M Swim instead of Dirt Jumps
Red Sox 1 instead of Extreme Sport
Dante's instead of Triple High Jump

About Red Sox 1

Wow! This level has to go in there! You can play it several different ways and the terrain is really fun to learn. I think this should be in Pack 1

** Now about Dante's **

Kris - it seems like you were going to show us something that Shane sent you about Dante's. But there was no link to anything. What was it?
I am playing Dante's and it is sinfully difficult. Possible yes, but HoF ready ...NO. I like the creator's design so I don't want to mess with it, but I have altered some very important areas just right that make the level easier to complete. The landing of the first drop (when you come out of the mouth) is brutal. So I raised the floor slightly and now it's more playable. I also made that same landing area more curved so gathering speed to climb up it is easier and smoother. The rest of the level is a a little more realistic once you learn how to climb the snout. It's a really really good level. I'll post my replay today and you'll see how slight the changes are but they are very helpful

Let me know what you think!
Half of my last post was a quote from Shane, and we both want Dante's in the Hall of Fame. From watching the replay, the level doesn't look as hard as Cave Dweller or Die or Die!, and at least 35 players have beat both of those.
Vega, did you try to copy that route? I think it will be easier if you do.
The big levels get outvoted, but they add an all-new aspect to the game, and are a very small minority. I want another big level!
BTW, Teapot is hard at the beginning, too, but no one seems to mind.

-> Replace Extreme Sport as level #9 of the Next Generation pack with Red Sox 1 and Triple High Jump with Dante's?

That is good, but another one of my levels leaves the Hall of Fame.
I would rather have Dirt Jumps than 50m Swim, but they are very different to compare.
i have played dantes and i have played that route and i still dont find it good for the hall of fame.i still think that 50 meter swim is better than dirt jumps and room should be made for it. also kris you have made over 300 levels and you have many levels going into the hall of fame packs this time. im sure if extreme sport is replaced.(which im sorry but i think it should be replaced by red sox 1) you will still be remmembered for the levels you made in the pack. also i downloaded your version of coal miner rescue and the changes that need to be made are
the updraft in the first drop needs to be put inside the drop so that it doesnt touch the edges. the yellow signs must be realinged. the roof at the end must be raised a little more. about the height of a yellow sign higher would e perfect.
vega that part of the message was for you to do before you submit the packs once we agree on the levels. to kris and shane dantes is overall to hard i beat it once with a bad time and i was lucky to live.
Then let's replace Dirt Jumps with Red Sox 1 (they are both PMD's levels and I think he would agree to RS1 over Dirt Jumps)

I have always had my eye on Dante's (and I nominated it ) so I will replace THJ with Dante's BUT - I definitely do not want the original version of Dante's in there. It's straight MURDER! It is possible to play just like that replay. But it's also possible to get 16.xx on Underground if you play just like my replay Completing the original Dante's is almost as much work as getting gold on most levels. Wait until I send you my version. It's very similar Kris. The 'difficulty' aspect is still present, but the discouraging "I'll never be able to do well at this flippin level" aspect is not
And Kris - about your levels leaving, I think you have as many levels (if not more) than any else in the HoF right? And even without XSport, there would still be five of your levels in this pack.

We could probably spend another 4 weeks changing our level choices because there are 1600 ++ possiblilties but let's finalize this pack and PLAY IT !!!!
I was joking; I actually don't think Extreme Sport would be good compared to the other levels.

This page has the level list from Vega's post from yesterday; I will modify it for the recent changes. It also has a forum I wrote so you can comment there, too.

oh bones I didn't see your post. I already made those changes to CMR. It's just as you want it now

We can't just keep pushing out levels, so why don't we make each pack 16 levels instead of 15. The nice round number of 15 levels versus 16 has absolutely no effect on anything in reality if you really think about. Plus this would give us room for 50M swim
Ok so here is the final list with one levelspot remaining for level 9 of NxGen pack.

Should it be Into the Tunnels? I personally think Mike's other 'similar' level like this called Take Off and Landing is a better design. Does anyone agree? See

http://bike.toyspring .com/level.php?l=1652
See Cirenco's replay here

If not, then I suppose I am fine with into the tunnels

Pack 1
1. Welcome to the Jungle
2. The Default Cave
3. Red Sox 1
4. Snake
5. Hill Marathon
6. Steps
7. Like A Glove
8. Borszczuks Delight
9. Freestyle
10. Christmas
11. Leap of Faith
12. Rock Climber
13. Inside Building
14. Save the Princess
15. Dante's

1. Superman Returns
2. Batman Begins
3. Ice Skating
4. Mike's Level
5. Jive in the Five
6. Ribbon
7. Puzzle
8. Can You Bike Right?
9. ??????????
10. FBI: Hidden Lair
11. Mario 1-1
12. So Close Yet So Far
13. Coal Miner Rescue
14. Pirates of the Caribbean
15. King Kong
Oops... Sorry for the double posts everyone..... but I forgot about 50M Swim How about 50M Swim in place of #9?
i am fine with everything here including 50 meter swim as #9 but i think pack two should be 16 levels make into tunnels 7 and move everything else down one level. also it better be an easier version of dantes or i wont ever be in total race again.
Dante's is better now . I just beat it in 2 minutes and it's just an ok run Challenging, but once you learn how to play it it's fine I'll put 50M as #9. Let's leave it at that though. We don't need to add in both 50M and ITT at the last minute
Sounds great. But what about my title suggestion?
No that's Dante's is in there, I think "Old Suicide" is pretty cool
*Now that Dante's .......
mike flips
I hate Dante's but i guess i just will have to live with it

The packs look pretty good now.

Also, i dont think suicide is an appropriate name for a pack. Old School is probably more reasonable. But i guess we can vote, i dont have time right now, but someone make a thread for voting on names of the packs. Or we can just read this thread and count the votes.
Wow! I have'nt watched the replay of Dante's in months and I just now watched it. It's crazy how similar my game is to his. I even got 2,11.xx and didn't even know that was also his time Anyway I just thought that was cool

Mike - Dante's is actually really fun once you learn it. I'll post a couple replays in just a little bit

As for the pack names, I am open to whatever on that. I like Old School and NG. I don't mind Old Suicide. I am certainly not trying to offend anyone but I am also not concerned if someone takes offense to it It's just a fun name, ya know And besides, this game IS called Bike or ***DIE***!!!!!!!
mike flips
Ive beaten Dante's, i played it when it first came out when SZ posted a video of it being played. Im just not the greatest fan of super long levels.
I think old suicide sounds cool, especially we have dante in it rather than old school or maybe we combine it into the old school suicide , second pack the next generation is a fun name.
if we are going to put suicide in i prefer 'suicide school'
although i would still rather have old school if suicide is in i would like it to be school the second pack name is definetly next generation
Ha!!! Old School Suicide...... I love it!! I would choose that name over all others!! Uh bones I just saw your post. Suicide School is no good. Like it's a school for suicide or something..... just doesn't sound right. I say "Old School Suicide" for sure

Hey I posted 2 replays of me playing Dante's on the movie site Check them out
http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=dante's
i like your change but i think it is still way to hard to be good. i would definetly add updraft to make sure they get on top of the head and maybe make the tail easier. then it will be easier but still a long and somewhat hard level.

p.s. vega get on chat if you have a minute
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