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Sweet Fifteen, New Deal, and THEN...

(Over 300 levels have been released since the Sweet Fifteen levelpack was officiated.)

Around 70 levels have been nominated for the Hall of Fame. They are listed here:

These levels have been selected by several players (listed on the page). Anyone can add to this page if they want to, but I think it is fairly complete.

Now the list should be consolidated, until only 15 levels are left. Everyone should vote for or against the levels. The plan is to only have some levels with v1.4 features, because no one has mastered them yet.

i agree to the gun change
but i'd like level 8 to be can you bike right? it had the second most votes on kris's site(tied for it)
mike flips

that was the purpose of the level was it not?
mike flips
oh and for each pack suggestion... kris can u make a page with those levels if it doesnt take to long? Just so people can see what each pack will loook like
Whoa! Cool Mike you must be commenting right now! Good call on Jive being level 5. I agree. I'll swap it with Puzzle. But I don't think there is a need to drag the process out longer. I kinda like the way we are doing it now. Let's just keep commenting in the forum until we are all happy with it and I will submit the agreed pack to Sz. I think we are very close. The only thing is where are we going to put Can you bike right? Bones..... it's true that CYBR did well in voting, but KC Chiefs wasn't even on there and now it's on the final pack list. I think we should have one or the other. If you are adamant about having both, MAYBE Kris will agree to CYBR instead of House Storming
see final version of coal miner rescue at the replay site. the only hard part is the bottom left. everything else is really good for workin g on time. i have beaten in 1:34 but it didnt save replay(my palm is messed up)it is not hard at all for the first drop.
In my opinion, maybe we can gather vega's list into one big pack consisting 30 - 35 levels, because to many levelpacks make me confuse which one should i do at the moment
Do we have to make a new vote list again ?? Kris, Vega, Bones, Mike, Shane, PMD, etc what's your opinion guys??
Does anybody has a pre-evaluation for this new levelpack? (anybody has ever compile these candidates into one pack??? please... )
henoch, it is separated into two packs because one is 1.4 features and one doesnt. this alows people to play a whole pack of normal levels if they dont like the 1.4 features
Okay, i got your point
I think Coal Miner Rescue and CYBR should be in the levelpack, but KC Chiefs should not. I wouldn't want to play that level for several hours.
all right. so we'll replace kc with cybr. thats cool with me.
I am fine with CYBR over KC, but first check out my modified KC level. I added bombs to the left so that if you fall, you don't have to wait to die. Also.... I thought this level was a litlle too frustrating, so I removed the bar below the finish flag, lowered the landing platform (the spot you can jump one before you head into the updraft). Also, one flag was unnecessary, so I moved the only flag to underneath. And I made the background a slight gray instead of white (easier ont he eyes).... and I brought in the ceiling and floor to make the replays bigger. .... (btw bones you should bring in the ceiling and floor for Coal Miner bcuz the replay is very small unnecessarily. See my version to know what I mean if you are interested). I posted a bunch more replays on the site too so check them out everyone
i am going to keep kc the way it is because i wanted it just how i had it.the little wall shows lots of difficulty until you learn one trick and then it isnt ever a problem again.the white for background has to do with the team colors.and yes i will send you a final version of coal miner rescue with the walls moved in so that you have one for the hof pack.
Just make sure the drops aren't too difficult. Parachute didn't get good reviews.
ok bones.... no sweat. we'll do CYBR as level number 9 instead of KC

I think we are getting close now !!!

Hey I wanted to run something by everyone. I altered Ice Skating a bit because the original has me thinking that it will be like Downhill Madness. Once you find a route , everyone's time would probably be very very close. Let me know what you think about this version. I flattened it out a little and made the terrain a little rougher. It still feels like ice skating , but the result is a slightly slower level that isn't very difficult to beat (neither was the original though ). I think it will spread out the top times a bit because it will take more skill to beat the best players in the long run.

Compare newest run (posted twice by mistake ) to my 18.86 run with the original terrain. What do you all think?

http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=ice%20skating

mike flips
i liked the original (u said i hit mach speed in it vega )

But this one is ok as well.
Yes but then I must have hit mach speed too cuz I got 18.xx Whatever you guys want is fine with me
Kris - I saw your new version of CMR. A couple of suggestions

*The last red flag is not needed
*The yellow warning signs right before the end flag should be realigned.
*The end flag is really tucked away in there. If someone has a really good long run, it will be very frustrating to die 2 inches from the end. The way the miner and the flag are in my version is probably a better setup
*Also, in my version, the final updraft is a level 2 from the bottom until the first bar that goes across the screen outside the playing area. Then from that point up it is level 1.
STOP REMAKING MY LEVEL!!! i am actually starting to feel insulted that you are remaking my level. and not just a little like vega did on leaf of faith or save theprincess but full out making big changes that would alter how you play it. i am capable of making any changes i want to my level. i was fine when you suggested things but not posting five versions of it after i post my final versionn. kris,the bottom left is the only hard part left.i left it that way cause i want it to be a little hard. if you guys arent happy with my final version of coal miner rescue then dont put it in the pack. but dont remake it and put it in without my okay.i am not angry with any one personally but i ask you to please stop remaking my levels.advice on how to improve it.sure why not. but stop..please stop remaking it
Um excuse me bones.... but are you are schizophrenic or something? You told me in a PM that we were all going to make our own version of Coal miner and take pieces and suggestions from each. Why are you changing your tune now? We haven't published the level pack yet. And besides that it's not like we are keeping secret what we are changing. we are simply making suggestions visually Don't take offense man. You made a really good level. That's why we're working on it bcuz it's worth working on!!

Besides if we don't like your version and you don't want it changed, maybe we'll just vote for another level in it's place. Seriously bro. Obviosuly we don't agree with your version or we would have left it alone. If it's going to go into the HoF, it needs to be right for the HoF. The visual suggestions like the flag and the yellow signs are not necessary to change bcuz they don't alter the way the level is played. That was just a free nugget of my opinion But if the level itself is too hard, only a handful of players will be able to beat it and that's stupid. If you would like to consider our suggestions then great! You make the changes and post it. But I think your version of CMR is too hard. That's all
bones - it looks like all Kris did with CMR was apply my suggestion about bringing in the ceiling and the floor. Other than that it looks the same as yours. Are you ok with Kris's version being the final for the HoF? I definitely prefer the closer up replay so we all won't have to zoom in every time we want to watch it If so we can move forward with this

So far I see the final lists being as follows:

Pack 1
1. Welcome to the Jungle
2. The Default Cave
3. Dirt Jumps
4. Snake
5. Hill Marathon
6. Steps
7. Like A Glove
8. Borszczuks Delight
9. Freestyle
10. Triple High Jump
11. Christmas
12. Leap of Faith
13. Rock Climber
14. Inside Building
15. Save the Princess

1. Superman Returns
2. Batman Begins
3. Ice Skating
4. Mike's Level
5. Jive in the Five
6. Ribbon
7. Puzzle
8. Extreme Sport
9. Can You Bike Right?
10. FBI: Hidden Lair
11. Mario 1-1
12. So Close Yet So Far
13. Coal Miner Rescue
14. Pirates of the Caribbean
15. King Kong

Let me know if there is something that doesn't look right.

One last thing before I send the pack to Sz though. The names!!!!

What should we call them??

Pack 1 -

Oldies but Goodies
Old Gems
Yesterday's Gems
Lost and Found

Pack 2

Next Generation
Version 1.4
Mike,Bones,Kris,Vega (do you get it?)
The Extreme Games
Can You Bike Right?
New Creations
Next Wave
Next Twist
Vega's Gold Medals
Twisted Sister.... lol

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