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Winter Pack Requires v1.6 Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
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various people
Since: 31 Jan 2009
Updated: 13 Feb

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This level works so wierd with the 3d...

mike flips
Sz, so far, everything you have done is outstanding.

Rats,I was hopin to be the only one who had done it...
Where am I?

I don't like to be guided on levels; it removes too much creativity. It's as if the creator of the level wants you to to complete it HIS way, and that's it. The levels should be loose and fun.
Bounce That

definately... maybe sz can texturize every level in the next HoF levelpack... and it would be the best looking pack ever. (if he has time)

No, but it was removed, and PMD asked me to add it back .


this looks like a snake that has an animal in its stomach

this one honestly is sort of plain looking,but it somehow fits on this level...I don't think this one is in need of texturising at all strangely enouph...
Icy Steps

My best time so far is 23:04
How much did you you cablecar it?
not at all actually. just a really sweet run.
I got 55.xx once, but that was before mikes new changes.
mike flips
Everyone, I am very glad to see all the comments on the levels and to see that people are enjoying them.

I just wanted to mention a few things about this level pack and for future level packs:

Every single person on the forums has the right to have their say about any level. Feel free to suggest, edit, criticize, or say anything at all about any level in this pack or future packs.

Many people thought that Xuzz and I were acting as the level "gods" and controlling every aspect of the levels. I would like to let everyone know that this was never intended to be the case and if you felt that way, I apologize. Anyone can give input towards these levels. Xuzz and I (and a few others) were only acting as the people who donated their time to assemble the levels. Creating a level pack is much too difficult (as we have seen in the past) for a large group of people to do it, so we volunteered our time to guide the process of creating a pack, but not to control the process. I know some people assumed that we were in charge of the levels from the beginning, but that is not true, and anyone can help test and edit.

We have made literally hundreds of changes based on both new and old players' suggestions, and the levels are posted now so that any new suggestions can be made and the levels can be fixed. Feel free to post any improvements about the levels or the level order.

What we tried to do was present a combination of levels that incorporated the following 3 elements:
1) Fast, smoother levels
2) Harder, more challenging levels with more choice for routes
3) Enough easy levels so that the new iphone players could unlock all levels in the pack and not complain about difficulty.

We hoped that an inclusion of the various types of levels would satisfy the desires of all player types.

I guess the main reason there was any controversy in the first place would have to be about Pickle's level, The Climb. The original level was tested by a few players who all felt it was much too hard. Then on top of that, there were mines that killed you half the time at the end. We both did not like this at all and decided the end had to be changed. However, Pickle didn't want his level changed.

So I guess what should of happened is we should have brought this issue out in the open. Even though, we felt that for sure nobody would like this ending, once there was a dispute it was unfair to flat out say no, even if we both knew that 95% of people would want a different ending. Once both sides agreed to compromise, we ended up with a much better looking level than we started out with.

So taking that as precedent, if there are any things that people want changed in this pack, the forum is open.

And remember, as Laser once told me... "Be true to your bike!"

"Once both sides agreed to compromise, we ended up with a much better looking level than we started out with."

yeah, it was one heck of a comprimise tho...we went through like 6-7 possible endings before we were both satisfied...Tho in the end,I actually think the ending ended up harder than I had it to begin with..
Hall of Fame is coming - it's time for the final adjustments!

Do you have any last-minute remarks on these levels?
i would reorder them to have 2 easy levels at the begining (so newbies will be pleased they can complete 2 levels in a row ). also, "ice cave" does not look good for a "welcome" level... i would choose "artistic" and "bananas" to be the first and the rest can be reordered according to the current difficulty rating (interleaving easy/difficult to enable skipping).
also, i'm tempted to remove the "ice cave" completely and replace it with  8 Steps - really nice level! (but it definitely needs new texturing )
what do you think?

once we agree on the final adjustments, i will publish the official version and the competition can begin!
(this could happen in 2-3 days)

and one more thing: the levelpack has been available for training for almost 2 weeks and some people may have already achieved unbeatable scores and are just waiting for the submission time i think i will make the official version incompatible with the current test version so the real competition will begin at the same time for everyone
8 Steps is a cool idea for a level... but it looks very short. If BB has already achieved 11.xx, then I'd say 9.xx of 10.xx may be possible. It's been proven that levels that short produce very tight times at the top. I'd recommend maybe adding a little something extra at the end… maybe extend the bottom part and throw the biker into a half moon circular area or a hard wall on the far right and then put a few more steps and the flag going downward diagonally to the left. This will keep the players from being able to "hurl" the bike all the way down the steps and into the flag in a messy fashion. Just a thought.


place a portal where the finish flag currently is... have the biker re-enter at the top (except this time on the outside of steps) and have the 2nd half of the map be to descend down the steps again to a finish flag on top. One idea would be to make the steps on the top level incongruent or different than the ones on the bottom level. This would make for a 19-20.xx level instead with no boringly duplicatable top times.

...oh and making the 2 versions incompatible is a great idea.

I second the motion of replacing ice cave with 8 steps.

i liked vega's first ending better than the second. It seems to me,that it would be the same thing if all you did was re-do the steps agian,even if they were different you could likely finish it just by spinning and\or "freefalling".
mike flips
Incompatibility = Great

8 Steps - Cool level, although there are a lot of steps . Of course if this level were used, they would have to be Icy steps.

Another cool level I found is  Actually Quite Hard
It is about the same amount of time as 8 steps.

There are a lot of great levels to choose from though, I wish I had the time to look through them all but I have to finish an essay

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