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So You Think You Can Dance?
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Since: 28 Nov 2005

Welcome to the Jungle
I think just like v the same happens in the game where it leaves a train, are excellent levels but with very disagreeable end
Steel Speed Cage
I Eight Food
Happy Pumpkin
is this level even possible??
Save the Princess!!
I had to rearrange quite a bit of the top of the castle because that 10 second fix actually took about 30 minutes. That mess of a line near the top actually connects the castle to the ground mass & the line cannot be removed. So I cloned the top of the castle and the Princess and moved it off to the side, then erased the original castle top, moved the line and repositioned the top of the castle in place. Now there is an invisible line that connects the castle to the ceiling just to the left of the Princess and out of play. Vwaallla! Great level now! 'lol' would be proud
Black hole
Dirtbike MaNiA
1:11:96 now, and I managed 1:20 or so going the other way (the big jump first, then coming back). It won't help the times, but it's a fun route.
Viva la Sexy
Study? For finals?
I Eat Reeses!
nice lvlpack and save the princess is beatable...with a few modifications it could be a global ranking one or at least a few levels from it...Welcome to the jungle
poop poop nice poop poop nice pack LOOK AT THIS ONE SZYMON
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