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Mike's Awesome 11 Requires v1.4
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2315 hits
Created by:
mike flips
Since: 2 Jan 2007

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Mike's Level
yes, i h8 this level.
only was included cos mike is first. i can make better with my feet.
Triple Loop
Take Off and Landing
Monkey Bars
Jive in the Five
Cactus is different because everything is secret in the top spots and it's an unconventional way of completing the level. I think it's lame when that happens to a level. So only the people with the top times know how they did it. Your 'Jive in the Five' is a cool idea for a level, but by default all the top times will be extremely close and most will look identical. That's why I think having to go back up to the top is probably a safer bet
Toronto Maple Leafs
Into the Tunnels
Mario 1-1
mike flips
um, i can see if this is the one with changes... i thot it was, if not ill email u the final version, try this one and let me know if its the good one
Fall Down
mike flips
Well, here it is, tell me what you guys think about the signatures
Nice levels. On most levels, the signatures are okay. But on Mario, it looks out of place.
mike flips
Some of these levels are really fun to play even tho they dont look like much on from the pic.

As for the sig in mario, i put it there for newer players If you dont have enough speed at the final jump you will miss the flag so i put it there to save people lol
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