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BikeForce: Elements Requires v1.5 Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
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Since: 16 Aug 2008

Icecap Run
I honestly dont really like all the rounded edges, or think they play better... the old levelpacks are just as good and almost none of them have it.....
Sandspire Valley
I'm with Vega on this level, it definitely needs to be redone to have at least some flow to it, I really dislike pits that require you to brake on the walls to descend. I've learned how to deal with them fine myself, but the BoD community is small and for the most part only getting smaller.

One of the many complaints about the game is that it is simply too hard, mechanics like that drive players away very quickly, even if a new player can't get gold or even compete with gold times on a level, they should be able to reach the finish flag without any absolutely exhaustive time spent.
Blackrock Traverse
Kenn - are you able to design? Please feel free to try your hand at fixing it!!
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It's getting about that new levelpack time again isn't it.

Bones PLEASE submit your CMR pack, that would be just awesome! Go into a shop and use the demo Palms (like AT& T or somewhere like that - Sprint usually have demos). Actually that's a stupid idea. Steal a businessman's Palm or something. Or actually, just use the simulator. I have the simulator working fine in my PC (Win Vista, Core 2 Duo).

Here is the link to a version I copied online:
http://www.eliotball. com/files/
Oh BTW I am working on another three level LP along the same lines as this, but the last level won't be impossible!
I dont get you comment bonesare you refering to my cmr level?(which il admit was horrible.....)

YES! It is time for another hof pack it should have at least one of bones cmr levels in it, 5 of pinerd levels(his next 3 and the present 2 not including the hardest one) and my climb level(PLEASE)..
anyway, I would say christmas would be a good time to relese it...
I sent bones a good simulator
The Sim I uploaded is a full PalmOS 6 Sim with complete support for all compatible apps, databases etc.
I gave him a custom isntaller with BoD and all the levelpacsk preinstalled with a custom hack to use the controls he wanted . All in a PalmOS 5.4.9 sim.

Whats the point of Cobalt when nothing ever used it ?
mike flips
Hmmmm arrow keys and shift/spacebar to flip around. Then maybe something like 'D' to reset and maybe 'G' to view the map. That would be nice. So that you can do a quick flip with left/right hand and have the reset key readily available for those who reset quickly with the map viewing easily accessible but you have to move your finger specifically to it (assuming you use proper keyboard fingering0 so you dont hit it by accident.

That would be nice
I can't do restart without some serious hacking because it will only run BoD 1.6a, which doesn't have the ability for a button to restart. Clicking the screen to restart works though...

Right now it is:
Left/Right: Lean
Up: Accelerate
Down: Brake
Space: Flip

I can add map as Shift, Alt, Control, or Windows if anyone wants .

It is almost no effort to remake the control mapper to use any keys, because I already did the hard part
Xuzz, you are a geek. Cobalt has Anti-Aliasing, that's why it should be used.
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