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TDG's Different Levels Requires v1.5 Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
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Since: 26 Jun 2009

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A Small Start
Garbage Factory
Four Things
Some green portal entrances are hidden
Probably my favourite level..
sad it didn't make it into the pack,
amazing lvl TDG, ive played this more today than the new pack itself
City Errands
i think i'll darken the inner chamber to black stones...
Everchanging Hallway
Eight Troubles
Many numbers are missing
Oceanside Cave
wow, a new level since i tested, looks great
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special announcement "Thedudeguy would like to thank BikerBrian and _Alex_ for their help testing this levelpack"
I agree, I think that we need to start putting levels together for a new pack.

A few of the levels that i would like to see in the HoF
-Mystery Cave
-Sticky Situation
-Ant Hill
-Garbage Factory
-Oceanside Cave
-Goblin Valley (with textures and remove the goblin guys at the beginning so it is not an "Omaha Beach" level)
-Maybe Jagged Edge (with textures and smoothing)
-And Some of TDG's old levels
Thanks to all for their comments... I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier, my old phone broke and verizon sent me a new one. I agree with making a combo hof pack with alex but I truly don't want goblin valley in it. Unless its revamped. I agree with your favored to enter the hof but I just want to know what's wronwith small start and the trophy? Other than that my favorites from my previous packs are powerfull revamped, and maybe glasses of water or something from my "newer" levels(pack3)
I don't like small start because it is too boring, and I found a trick already on trophy which would turn it into a level like tatra and wouldn't be very fun

and of course goblin valley wouldn't be put into the hof as is, it would need textures and modifications to the goblins
A Small Start seems to be a pretty straight run, no room to push speed barriers. That being said, good control would be vital for a good time there. I'm not desperately keen on it, but have no real problem with it. Goblin Valley is really great if you ignore the terrible intro (sorry, but really...)

Trophy...I don't like the level myself (sorry, it's the only one of yours I don't like) and in terms of its style of play it just doesn't seem HoF.
Powerful would have to be made smoother (for me), and Glass of Water too (just in terms of aesthetics, not in terms of game-play).

I know I'm sticking my nose in here, but I'd really like to see a new pack, and these levels are really to my liking. If anybody does actually make this joint pack, then feel free to ignore me completely. I'm not the best player, or level designer, so my opinions are just the opinions of another BoD player. That being said, I did put some thought into my judgements on the levels. I think this puts it up to 11 out of the last 22 posts belonging to me, meaning that HALF YOUR FORUM IS NOW MY FORUM! My victory draws ever closer. Now I should really get the hell off the interner, it's 4:30 am where I live...
Tyler, what do you mean by trophy being a tatra level. I've studied it and can't find the trick. Either way, whatever it is could be fixed with a bomb or other means.

If goblin valley is used, it would need goblins somewhere.
Or just re-name it. Maybe work in a goblin as the end obstacle, like the mouse in Finding Mice or something like that. Having them at the start is just a nuisance. As for trophy, I can't see the trick either, but my opinion remains the same as ever.
Hmmm, I thought I got close before but after retrying it I can't get close, anyways the "almost a trick" is at the sticky part at the bottom-left, you go fast, flip off of the sticky part and fly towards the finish, but I don't think it will work now
bottom left of level, didnt notice the trick whilst testing it, you can bounce under thing and land on letters
takes 3-5 seconds off for me
Hmmm... We can have two basic ways of making the next hof pack, both to return the same outcome.
We could do a vote, like many other packs have been made by that includes all of thlevels in the running,
Or we can create a thread to let the forum decide the levels and the order, then have me or someo
ne else compile them into a pack well actually I wiuldnt be a good ides to compiled unless the votin takes one.five weeks.
P.s please excuse me for my typos, I'm trying to type fact on a black berry storm... As it tund out itds not very easy to typefast...
yay, my re-texturizations are pending preveiw
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