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20's ReDeux Requires v1.6
Download (10K)
7712 hits
Created by:
Since: 26 Nov 2008

I save every game that is a little bit better than my ghost at any point in the level .

You can see my secret games (way less than you ) here: player.php?pt=1& p=5908& s2=110& ftyp=2

BTW, I think that I have the second most submitted games (after Kris) !
8 Steps
This level looks much better on the device (I was going to say Palm, but I can't assume that anymore) than on the website.

8 Steps is one of my favorites from this pack. It is very addictive. I got under 20 pretty easily; my fastest is now 11:40. .
They're Here
Great Wall
Fossil Bed
Another of my favorites. This one took awhile to figure out how to get under 20. I felt very rewarded when I finally got it. It's pretty cool to drop for nearly 7 seconds and then land it.

These levels are great as is, but it was cool knowing ahead of time that they could be done in a certain time. It added an extra challenge... neat idea.

My fastest is 17:22
Grape Ending
Fast and flowing. The ending is tricky. I've played this one the most so far.

Btw, my stats show that I have played this level 2477 times . Since I've only spent about an hour on the whole pack, I kinda doubt that my stats are accurate . I would guess a couple of hundred tries would be more like it.

I am now using v.2.0d, but it doesn't seem to have corrected the stat problem. Oh well.

And all that time, Pickle kept saying that Spence was better than us because he had fewer tries. It turns out that I may not have completed as many tries as I thought; especially since I only play about 15 minutes per day.
All levels are possible in under 20 seconds. Give 'em a try!!!
I have been getting bored with the HoF packs, so I downloaded 20's Redeux a few days ago and have had a great time with it. You can get 20 seconds on all of them, but a couple took me awhile to get it. I definitely recommend this pack.

Refreshing... great work Bg!

Agree with BB, nice pack
quite easy to beat but good fun
Yea, I like BG's levels a lot, these packs were my favorites when I started playing last december:

 Cody's Levels
 <- o_O The¥Pack O_o ->

Yea, weird taste , but I had just started...
Don't forget to check out "30's Redeux" as well. Maybe a step down from this pack, but same kinda thing....
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