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TDG's Even Newer Levels Requires v1.6 Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
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12280 hits
Created by:
Difficulty: ?
Since: 5 May 2009

egg with a jetpack
Expl-O-sion 2.0
Power-Full Remade
Champ made a level like this
Mac and Cheese
wow... hard to play without contrast :O
Glasses of Water...
mirror portal?
TDG, sorry it took me so long to comment. I haven't had much time to play your levels, as I'm trying to stay ahead of Tyler . Here are my times and comments:

1. Atom - 19:24 - fast paced level
2. Fan - 48:46 - slow paced level; nice challenge
3. Explosion2 - 55:58 - love the center gravity
4. Powerful RM - 49:04 - more fun to play than the longer version
5. Mac and Cheese - 50:58 - are you serious? this level took forever just to figure out where to go; you can't see where the lines end (even in outline mode); my least favorite, but glad I finished it
6. Glasses of Water - 40:14 - My Favorite
7. 50 - 39:84 - challenging to find the fastest route; don't know if I've done it yet
8. Announcement - 5:26 - no comment

Thanks for taking the time to make new levels. Keep it up!
I was just bored for mac and cheese.... i also was trying to make Powerful more fun... and don't worry about the packs, with each pack i have created i have made one "super" level. Right now i have-A small start, ******* (it's a giant astiriks, would like help getting a better name), Geometric, and shuffled deck, and choices. I'm hoping the pack will be better than any of my others.
Woohoo, i currently have 27332 total hits i hope i can release my different levels (aka my super awesome pack)(that i hope is as super awesome as the level i just made for it yesterday)(and for those who read the forum tab, yes, i have no time to play BoD and yet i have enough time to design levels)(wow i've typed alot recently.... i dunno why.... )
) before i reach 50000 total.... i forgot to put that at the end of my ()()()()'s
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