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Puzzle and Friends Remix Requires v1.4
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Difficulty: ?
Since: 19 Nov 2007

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This Planet is not Earth
Deep Wells
Explosion in the Well
Back to Ground Level
Vocano in the Way
Climb the Cliff
Volcano in the Way
This level should be "Back Underground." For some reason My palm messed up on this level. Whenever I play it it says level map mismatch.
I made this pack a long time ago when I was bored with the level editor and wanted to make quick levels.
That's hilarious, mainly because many of these levels were so similar to begin with!
I am working on a much cooler levelpack usin v1.3. I am currently working on a level that is taking forever!!! I have to write out this:
'Twas winter one summer an' spring was in bloom,
The turnips wher twittering gaily
As I cleaned out my humble room
Three times I do it twice daily!
When a mole flew in by my window,
He bid me good night and day too.
His eyes were yellow, his nose was green and his tail was pinkyblue.
That mole gave me a very odd stare,
Which I put in my pocket for later,
He then asked me if if I was a hare,
Or a rascally impersonater?
I replied to him in accent grim,
Good sir, I'm a him not a her,
Im a hare that's a him not a her that's a him,
And the least is as large as the greater!
If you're a hare that's a him he quoth,
As he left my room with a leap,
When I return this leap, you'll be,
Not a hare of a him but a-sleep --Brian Jacques
*line 14:
I'm a him that's a hare not a her that's a him,
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