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Since: 24 Jun 2005

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Red Murder

sorry just saw this so yes.
green or yellow for chemical death

I have to agree with Vega. This level is lame. Everytime I try to get a better time, I just lose interest in it and stop playing it.
Grand Canyon

There is Level of pleasant sensation very much.
Hank Chill

wat is this!!!! no1 opens but lee cmon people!!!!

Please view movies guys

Aleksey, oni uzhe dostali prosto.. bol'shej naglosti ja eshe ne videl. mudilo rasposlednee eto...
Cave Dweller

Like Vega said, it is very well made - but a bit too long and the ending is horrible (like CMR). But I like it cos you can make loads of mistakes and still get a decent rank
Catapult Back

it's straight level, nothing complicated

Yeah that has happened to me too. I tried to fix that once but when I did, then you would just go straight through the floor so I decided to leave it like that.
Obstacalis Muchus

actully I dident just get it,I got it good!,sixth place to be exactI wont submit till sundy tho as always
60 comments on 6 pages: <<<< 1 2 3 4 5 6
looking at the ranks beetween "40" and rank"30" I only need like 80 points so if I inprove on like 3 of my worst levels here then it should do the job,unfortunatly that probly means doin catipultone of my most hated levels
im really anoyed at this level pack now theres only about 3 more levels I can improve on that arent just chance (by improve I mean get to under top 30)because equespilaterall I cant seem to get after like 400 tries so I give up there and the triangles the descent takes alot of luck to get fast,and then castle takes chance to,cave dweller I can improve on I gess,and catipult back,but after I get thos 2 better.......
Mike and PMD are tied!
mike flips
Not anymore. Although i do have a lot of points i could get in this pack, ill get to it sometime (i have 4 ranks over 10 - 11,12,12,14 - and also 2 that are at #9) so there is some quick points to grab if i focus on those levels for a week.... one day...
PMD passed Vega!
Well that was obviously what PMD had his sights on. He has been creeping up on me in Summer Pack for some time now. But what he doesn't know is that I have some secrets saved up in Summer Pack already
niceness pmd!
Congrats PMD -
and top spot in 3 packs now
Thanks. I have been creeping up as you say Vega. I take a different approach to getting there. I submit my times as I get them and you dumped them all at once. That is why it seems I am creeping. It is hard for you not to notice when I take this approach.

I'm not done yet here. I have 4 levels left to get a medal on (which was my goal from the start). Vega, if you submit your 'secret saved up' runs, and you are ahead of me, it will be well deserved.
Carl China
When my palm is reseted after, the Summer Pack was automaticly deleted
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