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Climb Requires v1.5 Contains Enhanced Graphics / BoD 2
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Since: 21 May 2008
Updated: 9 Jul

The Climb.
Look at it here, look at the ending, I will admit that this way it is a little hard, so the version I sent Xuzz, I moved the finish flag up,so that it is directly between the 2 mines. Making it VERY easy.
climb 1.0
I dont know why we cant see this,sz?

this was my first attempt at a climb level,as best as I can remake it,the only one who saw this level was th-champ back when me and him used to talk on chat every night at like 4 am(good times,good times)
climb 1.5
this was the first climb level ever relesed,I was told it was to hard and that the ending was to easy,laser gave me some tips and after he helped me a little I ended up with....
climb 1.8
THIS! its basicly the same as the other,but its easyer to get up the tunnel and the ending is more fun..
Coal Miner Rescue 2
So can I.
I think I may redo this level AGIAN with textures,because right now compared to pinerds it looks rather pathetic(assuming his levels are evan half as good as he sias they are)I seireously think this level has a shot at hof now since its SOOOOO much easyer.......
*yet still hard enuf to be challlenging,I garrenty that youl make it up in your first 50 tries,but getting a good time is a little harder......
It is a joke to consider that this level is not good for the HoF. This is fantastic. the way v2 draws the updraft works in your favour is good. You are right, it does not look good compared to mine, although mine are more rounded than this, less relying on one skill each. that may be a good thing, may be a bad thing. I am worried that I may have hyped my levels a little too much ad they now might not be as good as expected. also, they are the first seriously textured player made levels (xuss made his first pack textured, but take a look at all our first packs... ) so they will almost gaurantee to stand out. Gameplay wise they should be nice too, I made them specifically so that new players or low skilled players could complete the pack in half an hour big like this level, good times needs more perseverance. This level is the best at it's own little thing. It seriously trumps cliffhanger!
Ah, some criticism! The top part is a little boring. Consider making a Strong updraft at the top and then some conventional obstacles to climb over. Maybe even put in a section like the one at the start, but the other way around .
the origanal top part was way boringer(not a word)I wont put in a nother upside down climb,but maby a small change to the top would make it more interesting....
but yes,I am definatly going to add more textures and such to this level and re-relese it(for a third time)and add something at the top.....the reason I dident was that laser had siad the top was perfect...I think he was simply seeing the contrast beetween this and the origanall in wich case this ending is awsome...
@pinerd: im XuZZ, not XuSS . BTW, my levels were in an email to be sent when i got the new level editor and added textures...
You can't see levels 2-4 up close.
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