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15 Years On Bike! time goes by so fast wow
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If This Game has PC Version This game will HOT.

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All level comments (for levels not in Hall of Fame)

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BikeOrDie - by MacKo MacKo
Of course I finished all of them... otherwise I wouldn't put them here

Some of them (like "Framsticks") are very easy when you learn how to get through all stages.
Levelpack Explorer CX3KYS
Thanks sena!
Levelpack Explorer Tiger
Submit the level pack! I ran out of levels I could beat...
Levelpack Explorer Sena
ooh tiger what about comp levels?
Levelpack Explorer Sena
ma bad i thought it was i couldn't beat
Default Genesis's Mayhem GPolice
No one loves me

Has anyone beat pinball?
Levelpack Explorer Gavin!speed
is it possible to down load all the levels at once?
Levelpack Explorer Gavin!speed
Levelpack Explorer Sena
no it isn't
Dieter Levels Dieter
Who here likes my level Pack?
It took me a while to make it.
Dieter Levels Sz
Haven't played yet, but the astounding number of 61 levels is quite impressive
Dieter Levels Dieter
Thnx this is my favorite game off all time
Dieter Levels Dieter
i have already started on my second level pack
Levelpack Explorer Dieter
my stats are
Total 35809
-completed 2373
-failed a record setting 28141
Dieter Levels Sena
i haven't played them yet, but i will get them
A little harder than it seems Powerman
not really
eventually you will get it Powerman
thatīs very funny
this is pointless Powerman
0:00,90 s
Dieter Levels Sena
playing now, but some of these levels are really pointless...
Dieter Levels Powerman
some seems to be impossible but lot of fun
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