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All level comments (for levels not in Hall of Fame)

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Vicious Pack Kenn
I played through all of these today, some of them are HoF friendly and capable, most are entirely stupid

My favorites for HoF:
Ditch (looks great already)
X-Up (maybe a re-texture, move some flags, and some smoothing out of the overall route)
Graph (plays very similarly to ditch, more difficult, probably only include one or the other)
Space (add a requisite checkpoint the way the level is obviously designed for you to go, instead of being able to skip a great majority by slowing down at the first 'jump')
Blah (definitely a re-texture and a rename, but otherwise a very well put together level.)
Owt Kenn
As far as flag moving goes, I think the third flag should be moved into the next dip instead of on the rightmost crest, otherwise they seem fine.
Chandler PMD
I had actually started work on it and came to the same conclusion that Kenn did when he said it was too long. I also was feeling like the last drop down was too much like Konecnik Down. It doesn't really flow with the motocross style track where you go faster by handling the bumps in a smarter way.

Anyway, I'll keep working on it. I have the start of some texturization too.
Owt Vega
third flag? Portals?? Are you sure we are looking at the correct level here Kenn? I sure hope there are no portals here. Great way to ruin a nice map.
Chandler Vega
PMD - Did you see my version of it? (in picture format). It eliminates the Konecnik Down drop.

You may have missed it since there have been many comments since then to push it off the front forum page. Click back one page here.
Owt Laser
Vega, it's one of those levels where the flags appear as you get them, so you really need to play it to see the whole level (which is great).

I do agree with Kenn that the portals need to be made more obvious as I had the exact same issue, and I'll take a look at the 3rd flag thing sometime soon.
Owt BikerBrian
This is a fun level. Vega, there are portals on each end. An additional flag appears each time you get one. My first route yielded a time of 1:15ish. Using a different route, I got 1:03.

Having the portals allows for different routes. Of course, it would still be cool without portals and one checkpoint flag at the far right.

As for making the portals more obvious: if it's in HoF, all of the top recordings will be making use of the portals, so it should be quite obvious.
Owt Vega
ahh! I see. I still have never played any levels with portals, so I have yet to experience disappearing myself on the bike. Does it hurt? Did he died??

As for the level, I can see how that would be cool now because it would still be playing the same map. And BB, good point about the HoF recordings making it obvious.

Owt Kenn
The same behavior is exhibited in the level Sequence from Supernatural Pack. I know you haven't played those either yet Vega, but it might be easier to picture what BB is talking about if you look at it, the portals on it are at the far left and far right and just connect to each other.

As a general rule I typically disagree with the use of portals altogether, but that's because when they are used they are generally overused and overall unnecessary.

In this level's case, I agree with having just the 2 portals which take you from the beginning of the level to the end and of course from the end to the beginning.

I'm also willing to try it with the idea of no portals, go to the checkpoint and come back, without any tricks or gimmicks.
Vicious Pack BikerBrian
I definitely agree with Ditch for HoF, with no changes. My current best time is 36:00.

X-up was really fun to play after I figured it out. The hardest move for me is the transition from the 4 ledges to the finish. Best time is 56:72.

Best time on Graph is 37:32.

Still working on the rest.

Vicious Pack Laser
Got 36:20 on Ditch, 56:58 on X-up, 30:30 on Graph, and 45:22 on a slow run of Space.

I couldn't finish Blah because I keep falling through parts of the top right area.

They aren't bad levels at all, but I don't specifically like them. For instance, the top part of X-up isn't challenging and just seems to be a waste of time. Same regarding the 2nd half of Space.

My favorite is probably Graph, although, funny enough, I disagree on both of Kenn's points about it.
Vicious Pack Kenn
I didn't mean to imply that all 5 (or 4 if you count ditch/graph as 1) of those levels definitely should be HoF, I just meant that they could all potentially be.

So far we don't have near enough for a standard 15 level pack, and there was one stated idea of making this pack 25 levels so there's more to work on.
Chandler PMD
No, I saw your message and the part I forgot to mention is my changes look almost exactly like what you have in your picture.

Levelpack Explorer thedudeguy
Hey guys! I guess I'm more or less back at this point, and am happy to say I was able to get the test version of iBoDesign running on my phone again, so I'll be able to make levels again!
Levelpack Explorer BikerBrian
Great to hear, TDG. Welcome back. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.
Levelpack Explorer thedudeguy
Started off a pack making the first 3 levels, iPhone is being funky though, so occasionally the springboard will freeze (gotta turn some background stuff off somehow) and I'll lose maybe fifteen minutes of work, and once that happens saving doesn't work properly unless I reset the phone. Not as devastating as the emulator freezes, but still annoying.
Levelpack Explorer thedudeguy
Two things to add, 1) *soft reset 2) That was quite a run on sentence
Levelpack Explorer BikerBrian
I typically have my iPhone jailbroken, but I was having problems with my home button, so I restored it to factory settings and took it to my nearby Apple store and they gave me a new iPhone and I haven't jailbroken the new one yet, but this would be a good reason to do it again, don't you think?

How was that for a sentence?

I'm looking forward to seeing your new levels.
Levelpack Explorer thedudeguy
You bit me by a little bit with that one, but against my insides telling me not to, I've decided that I feel the need to win this battle I started, and I also wanted to let you know that iBoDesign is the perfect reason to jailbreak again, seeing as it gives all of us the opprotunity to start trying to bring interest back into the game, and maybe Sz will realize this, upload the update to the appstore, and get it re-reviewed for some publicity so that we can get more competition in here.

And I believe I have claimed victory here
Levelpack Explorer BikerBrian
Wow, you got me...
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