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All level comments (for levels not in Hall of Fame)

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Levelpack Explorer You Qi
well, I dunno mine accurate or not coz I had hard resetted my device for 2 times.
Levelpack Explorer Dags
Here's mine - quite sad really!

Played: 13647
Completed: 831!
Failed: a whopping 12322!
Challenge Pack (Demo) You Qi
Do you think someone will buy the full version? Stingy.
Challenge Pack (Demo) PrayeR
new times... skins, themes etc.. peoples are trying to sale.
Levelpack Explorer Bálint
Played: 24712
completed: 904
And I had a hard reset on 12nd February.
Levelpack Explorer You Qi
Played: 52943
completed: 1645

hard resetted on nov 2004. and the whole month of March only played 2-3days due to the warranty issue.
Levelpack Explorer rachman!
I just was checking this comments because I hadn't seen them... I think total stats is not a real number, I just have 4865 games played!! jeje..
Maybe if we would add each level's stats, we could know how many times have really played... but... Im too lazy...
I very surprised how many times my palm says I have played each level...jaja wow!!
Levelpack Explorer Powerman
Very nice eggs SZ but when will so create an new LP for the highscore???
Levelpack Explorer Powerman
One question: I've made a new record with the "egg" MOONLIGHT? But the time was not accepted in the hall of fame?!? Can someone exlain this?
Levelpack Explorer rachman!
I think It's ok because if the server acepted that type of games it would be kind of cheating. Maybe this feature would be nice with another vehicle, like the game for palm "Graviton".
Levelpack Explorer Thiago
I think the recorded game is just a list of buttons pressed. When you cheat, like AUSTRALIA, you don't press any button. I did 2.60 in Bottle level, but when i watched it again, it just stayed still, then a message "ABORTED" appeared.
BikeOrDie - by MacKo Powerman
Hi MacKo!
Have you finished all your levels (or anybody else?
I think the some are impossible!
BikeOrDie - by MacKo Sena
I'll try them. Also, if ur looking for hard levels, try hank chills'
Levelpack Explorer Sena
Dags, u think u were bad!

Total Games: 39109 (that's a lot of BODing!)
Completed: 1219
Failed: 29642 (:S:S)
Levelpack Explorer Sena
You Qi is even worse than me, but even more BODing
Levelpack Explorer CX3KYS
I have a MASSIVE MASSIVE MASSIVE level pack, containing over 60 levels (not all by me, my friend made a few of them, but 90% are mine) and was wondering if anyone wants me to submit it.
Levelpack Explorer CX3KYS
Ah yes. I forgot to comment on the easter eggs. I knew most of them, but australia, t, and stats are new to me! These are awesome!
Levelpack Explorer CX3KYS
Sorry bout the triple postin guys but I can't seem to find this 'RsrcEdit' program. Where is it??? (I promise I won't post again till someone else does )
Levelpack Explorer Sena
It can be found at:
MrD's Levels Sz
many of these levels share a strange feature - they seem impossible but after a few tries i start to think it might be possible... then, several hours later, the level is finished
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