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Levelpack Explorer Dags
Wow! Can we submit it as a freestyle? In fact can any level from anywhere be submitted as a freestyle? Thanks for the tip Sz.
Levelpack Explorer Dags
To answer my own question - whilst a fun little level, there is no finish flag and the server rejects it as an unknown level. Bummer!
BG Levels Bg
Started this levelpack so my kid's had some levels to play that were moderate in dificulty, but as new levels were added, the difficulty started bumping up to moderate-dificult.

Should be no sweat for this crowd...
High Jump Bg
Level note: On the bottom curve, you can actually outpace the screen display if you do not brake. Pretty cool!!!
Test the Limits Hafiz
Heh, why does this pack have such a high difficulty rating? It's pretty easy compared to the other level packs (*cough*YouQi*cough* ). But that's why it's fun; for a cheap-skate like me at least.. =P
You Qi Levels Hafiz
Pure evil. At least the first level anyway > .<
Speedy hill. Bill
I don't think this level is possible
Snowball War! Bill
Again... don't think this one is possible
Same as lvl 11, but, What the??? Bill
This is strange... and I don't think it's possible to complete... i havae tried every key combination and can't even see my bike
Speedy hill. PrayeR
possible, i did it.
Snowball War! PrayeR
same thing, possible, i finished this level
Levelpack Explorer c.i....
How do you do it again? Just graffity "icanread" then enter?
MrD's Levels Powerman
I think itīs the hardest Levelpack ever created!
Great job MrD!!!!!
Levelpack Explorer Hafiz
Nice! Somehow I was able to play that level before. It showed:

"Level -1: Bike Or Die Title"
That's right, negative one! I'm not sure how I got it; I wasn't paying attention when playing then it went to the title screen and the bike crashed in the title, for some reason. Then I pressed down to restart and guess what happened
Levelpack Explorer Hafiz
Oh, c..i..., yes. Type it in the title screen.
Snowball War! Bill
how did you get past any of the obstacles
I just don't see a way
Snowball War! You Qi
pick up ur wheel and make a 360 degree flip
Snowball War! PrayeR
You Qi answered
Hank Chill Challenge Sena
Well done to the creator, on an amazingly created level pack. Some of the levels in here are truly awsome, must of taken ages to create. However, they are extremly hard. A well worth pack to download.
Levelpack Explorer Sena
i've had the minus one, gonna go check out this reading buisness now,
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