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Grape Ending Requires v1.5
in  Spring Revival

Best time: 0:12,50
Rating: ?
Difficulty: ?
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I've always wanted to expose someone else's trick

The top two games are the only open ones haha
Well, now's there no point to hide it anymore, there's nothing to hide now.

The only way to really top the time is to get that front tire around that bottom ledge and just cliffhanger the finish flag.
I thought about trying that, but it's going to be pretty tough to do with that lift right there.
Looking at both of our runs over and over, there really isn't much more room for improvement. There arent really any sloppy moves to clean up. Although when the rest of the better players jump on here I'll have to eat my words. ha
The only thing I've come up with is taking a more direct route at the bottom. Basically making it so that your front wheel doesn't touch the flat part of the ledge.
Yeah, thats what I was getting at. You'd still need you back tire to catch and swing you around. But near impossible with that jet there.
Here's a replay

 daledude on Grape Ending
Nice, good to see some of my old levels getting some play
Great job in designing it. Did you ever imagine it could be completed in 12:50?
Nope, way to muddy the purity of my design
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