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Chandler PMD
I'll fix the level removing the mines if everyone decides we want this level.

Chandler Vega
PMD! Go for it dude. Hey add some cool texture to it as well. Make it look fun.
Chandler BikerBrian
Awesome, PMD. I look forward to seeing a new version of this level. Maybe try moving the flag to the bottom left and close off the option of going left at the start (by extending the bombs to the ceiling or putting a wall).

Btw, 42:42 now.
Chandler BikerBrian
Chandler Kenn
I decided to spend some time getting a better time just for you, 39:90.

Its occurred to me that this level will seem awfully long with the current suggestion of moving the finish flag down and walling off the mine jump, any other opinions on that?
Chandler Kenn
38:34 actually
Chandler Vega

I have a great suggestion! QUICK!! Stop playing this level to jump the mines! Stop cold turkey. You guys are both getting way too familiar with a phantom version. So much so that you now think normal version will be too long.
Chandler BikerBrian
This competition is great. I couldn't stop smiling when I saw Kenn's posts. Keep up the good work. How did you cut off 3 secs?!?

Vega, your suggestion is pretty extreme, but I'll try it.

Kenn, after thinking about it, I agree with you on the length. Before you broke the 4 minute mile and jumped the bombs, I think we had it down to 1:14, which is a good length. I like the finish flag where it is, which means that all PMD should change is to put bombs to the ceiling and maybe do some texturing (if possible).
Chandler Vega
how about just doing something like this.
remove the bombs and close the pointless left side.
this is the 1:14 route, yes?

chandler; simplified

Chandler Laser
Looks good, Vega.
Chandler Kenn
Its difficult to explain how I cut off 3 seconds without seeing the comparison between our 2 videos, but I expect its purely the method that I use to jump the mines (hard brake before the small hump, flip counterclockwise holding brake, compress on back tire and release to get extra acceleration)

You first described doing it by rolling over the small hump and stretching, then accelerating up the hill, which I believe would be slower overall.

On a more related note, that version of chandler looks good.
Chandler BikerBrian
Vega, I tried your recommendation and couldn't do it - 38:28. The new version looks great. Nice work. PMD, does it work for you?

Kenn, I don't do a flip, but I improved my turn around at the bottom of the slope.
Chandler BikerBrian
Chandler Kenn
Pulled it off with 36:96, could go lower but I was on a poor run when I pulled off a little extra trick: I didn't even touch the wall to the left of the flag, I came off that last jump high enough to flip and barely touch the flag with my back wheel.
Chandler BikerBrian
I love this kind of competition even without a new levelpack.

My current best is 36:86, without going directly to the flag (I've been close).

I really like the version that Vega posted, but maybe we could also have a version that is as PMD designed it. It would allow everyone to complete the level in the standard way (to pass it), but the fast route would be over the bombs.
Chandler Kenn
I don't like the idea of having 2 versions of the same level in the pack, I think this mini-competition will have to end once the edit comes up. I'll probably just yield to you, because during my downtime since I got 36:96 I've found some motivation to play Steps more and possibly land it smooth and snag gold there.
Chandler BikerBrian
Sounds like good logic about not having 2 versions - I'm just really enjoying this level.

I also like your idea about yielding it to me . Good luck on steps!

As for Chandler, I cut off nearly a second by going straight to the flag. Time to beat is now 35:88
Chandler BikerBrian
When I was using a Palm device, I knew how (thanks to Kris) to upload a video of a level that wasn't in the HoF. I couldn't find a quick and easy way to do this on the iPhone, so I simply videoed my iPhone using my wife's.

Here is a link to my fastest run on Chandler:

I learned that you don't need to do anything more than turn around at the bottom of the slope. This method, however, requires you to be a bit more careful over the bombs since you won't have as much air.
Chandler Kenn
I'm actually surprised its possible to jump without any kind of speed boost (stretching or compressing etc.) that turn around is faster than my hard brake method by a second or two.

In unrelated news, I couldn't play steps anymore, I managed to land the trick twice more, but both exhibited the problem that my current run has which disqualifies it from being gold.
Owt Kenn
I only got around to playing this level today and it is fantastic, the two portals need to be made more obvious, I only found out about them after I finished the level and compared it to Cody's time of 1:12:22. If they're going to exist, they need to be known, not be a discovery.
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