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Levelpack Explorer Tiger
I can't get it to work I can't get the keyboard to work...
Levelpack Explorer zelab
i figured another way to get this.
make a lvl using bike or design, save it as lvl the recording of that lvl - beat it.
open the game you should be at the title level "bike or die"
then try to play the recording.
it should say "Level Map Mismatch".
then exit there and it says Game Aborted.
Then press down to play again and presto. Your on lvl 0 bike or die title.
XA Software LP 2 Bálint
My best time in this level is 7.58, so it isn't difficult.
Levelpack Explorer Sena
I've heard that one before. Sz, are there anymore 'easter eggs' in the game?
XA Software LP 2 PrayeR
u discovered a "w& #1088;eel"...
XA Software LP 2 Thiago
My time is 8:30 =P
Levelpack Explorer Sena
Levelpack Explorer Sz
well, actually it is quite good time to reveal easter eggs
try these secret words:
  • wheelsareallineed
  • fakirmode
  • livebike
    (and see what happens after you die)
  • moonlight
  • australia
    (yes, Sena! )
  • stats
  • t
  • reset
    (undo all easter eggs without quitting the application)
  • Levelpack Explorer Ruben
    Has someone tried out my new levels?
    Levelpack Explorer Rouch
    Sz: The easter eggs are realy really funny , maybe this could help making some level, specially the australia egg
    Really good work
    Levelpack Explorer Sena
    Go Australia Thanks Sz Ruben, i haven't tried your new levels, but I did the old, will do the new (if that makes sense)
    Ruroba Levels Andres s
    These Level Packs are awesome!!! Congratulations Ruben, good job. Atte, Pazos
    Levelpack Explorer Andres s
    Ruben, i did tried your levels there awesome, congratulations.. atte, Pazos
    MrD's Levels Andres s
    Its real hard.. atte, Pazos
    Levelpack Explorer Sena
    Cool Sz! Tried em all now. Are there anymore (fingers crossed)?
    Levelpack Explorer Ruben
    Ok Sena. Hope you like them.
    Levelpack Explorer Daniel121
    where do u enter these easter eggs?
    Levelpack Explorer Sena
    anywhere! type the code (eg. Australia ) and then enter, which is a downward stroke from the top right, to the bottom left. If it's correct, the egg will come into play!
    Levelpack Explorer Daniel121
    i still can't do it!... so this is wot im doing:

    I start a level... type livebike(in graffiti area)... then I draw a diagonal line from top right to bottom left(again in graffiti area) but notin happens

    am i doing something wrong??

    Levelpack Explorer Thiago
    i loved these easter eggs!!!
    my favorite is "stats"!!!

    My stats:
    12710 games played
    805 completed leves
    8844 failed

    I'm wondering what would be You Qi's and rachman's stats!!!
    And mata's, rouch's, aleksey's, prayer's and all top 10 players!
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