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All level comments (for levels not in Hall of Fame)

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You Qi Levels Dags
You Qi the 'Evil Lord'!!

Damn these are hard! I'm not used to taking 2 hours to complete the first 2 levels! Evil person, evil.
Levelpack Explorer Sz
First of all - thank you for creating these levelpacks!
Information about the creators might be sometimes buggy, tell me if something is wrong or if you are active Hall of Fame players so i can create the proper player profile links.
Just Forget theONE
i hope eveyone enjoies these levels... i sure do. also check out my better levels- BoorDom
Levelpack Explorer theONE
hey, SZ this is a great idea(but how did u get my levels)anyway thaks for putting them and it cool to get other peoples. Check out mine- Just forget and BoorDom
Levelpack Explorer PrayeR
hey, your level pack "test the limits" (i called it right?)
is pretty cool.
Levelpack Explorer Tiger
Hey, I'm Tiger Productions Thanks for putting up all the levels
Levelpack Explorer Ruben
Hey Prayer, did you like mine?
You Qi Levels Bill
very difficult levels. I think they will be hard to imporve times on
Levelpack Explorer PrayeR
did not check it yet
Levelpack Explorer theONE
i like my BoorDom the most but jsut forgot and test the limits are cool too(the names for level packs rule!)
Circle of Death theONE
copy of my levels
Levelpack Explorer The Two
shut up the one my level packs are way better
Levelpack Explorer The Two
hey sz can u get my new levels soon, i mean the updated eric's levels
The Triforce. Krasnall
RDB's levels Dansexy
Good one.
Levelpack Explorer Dansexy
Did you all know that the level 0: "Bike or die title" can be played?
Levelpack Explorer Dags

How?? Please explain?
Levelpack Explorer You Qi
lol... it's so easy. use RsrcEdit and copy the resouce of level0 out!
Levelpack Explorer Dags
Oh! That's cheating though - I thought there was some way of playing that level - I wish it was put in as a bonus. You can only get it if you complete all 25 levels. It has it's own seperate championship that's not part of the mainone.
Levelpack Explorer Sz
surprise! type: icanread + [enter] (while playing) and see what happens.
it is much easier if you have a keyboard but is doable with graffiti, too. (graffiti enter is diagonal stroke like a slash from right to left)
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