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Hi please can anybody help me ? Sth fucked with my PDA and it can't see Flash cards. I have to do hard reset but i will lost all my records and unlocked levels . . . Please tell me how can i backup these files. Thank u a lot
MunkYBoY: well assuming you hotsync often you should only have to hard reset and hotsync it. whatever you accomplished after your last hotsync wont be recovered from the hard reset. hope that helped, or made sense for that matter.
Can't See
I can't see the replays (movies)on the BOD site. Can i zoom out? on most of the lvl's all i see is a small section of the lvl not the full screen.
change bike color have to authorize games
this is a minor buge that i just pooed out
Vin: apparently when you change ur bike color you must authorize all ur games and ur device as if it is a new one, i dk but this is what louis was saying.

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Key Press Bug on Zire 31
Hey all, I've noticed for a while that sometimes during the game, (particularly after ive pressed up a few too many times) that the bike keeps accelerating at full bawl or brakes way too hard. Is this a zire thing?!!?
Daniel S.: I have had this happen to me on my TX. Just try not to push up while you start the level and if it does happen just restart the level or brake. Other wise I cant help you but if you could help me with me situation I would appreciate it!
Daniel S.

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how do you view movies
Yes I know its a stupid question, but I have no idea how to view others movies. Thanks!
vw: Never mind was a Firefox problem
Gavin S.
bike or design troubles...
on my palm it is hard to do any thing and it takes to long to create levels, for example it is hard to move points around and it is hard to make new lines. because the first part (the blue dot) shows up and the line does not and it makes me mad.
Gavin S.: no, never mind, it is not solved with the new version! dang it!

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How do you upload GAMES YOU MADE to server
I can't figure out how to upload the games I MADE with Bike or Design so that other people can play them.
Lucas: Thanx a bunch

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big problem either with game or my palm
ok so i was playing i got 30 seconds on half pipe and 34 on touvh bricks then i got to beat my time on downhill madness, i dies and there was a thing saying fatal exeption, i rest the palm and all my times were gone!
but the worst part is every time i try to even start a lvl fatal exception comes bak up again!
any help, plz
Lucas: trying erasing it from the palm then installing it again. But make sure that in your backup file it isn't there when you download it again.

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Bike or design!
while in Bike or design, if i am wanting to test a level in landscape mode i have to pull the keyboard up or it will reset. it makes me mad!!!!(TX)
File Was not uploades
i cant send files
y triying using the java program but still with problems

the server is down?
Polo: thx for the fix ^^

i fell better

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You Qi
Option to disable "PgUp go to next level"
I found this is annoying especially when you are concentrating playing a level. This function only useful for levelpack that we haven't play. I found that the feature sometimes working kinda buggy, when you accelerate to the final flag and got a BestTime, after you enter your name and press OK, the screen just automaticcaly jump to the next level. What making me fed up is when the next level takes 20sec to load(like Newbie Level Pack's Sharper Than Flass level).
BoDesign - bugs
- lack of map view from within the editor (can be reached by doing Test and then Map view - but wastes a lot of time). View-> Map view would rock.
  • select Pic (or B.Pic). Choose any (ie. snowman). Place on the game area two of them. Now choose anyother picture (i.e. wheel). The last placed showman gets replaced by the wheel.
  • lack of ability to turn off "letters" next to objects. Painfull for small images (i.e. flowers), where "B" and numer covers most of the picture, disallowing precise placement (you have to act semi-blindly)
  • Lack of "Dirty" flag - indicating if the level was saved since last modifications. It'd be pretty easy to get implemented, by setting dirty flag on any action that triggers Undo recording and clearing dirty flag on save, load and clear (poping up some requester prior load/save/clear in case the level Dirty, of course)
  • default button in Save/Load is Delete (ough). Shall rather be Cancel -> pretty easy when you're fast and use 5Way
  • Load/Save -> Beam -> Cancel - gets back to the editor instead of Load/Save dialog
  • the Load/Save order change "arrows" are pretty much easy way to wreck your levels (I lost one that way). Here's the scenario - you work on the level (Number: 5). Then enter Load/Save to reorder your levels. Then click Cancel. Then save your Level again. Boom. Since reordering is non cancelable, if you're unlucky you have just overwritten one f the other levels you swapped with currently edited. The solution would be -> move reorder feature to the other location (not in load/save). Or, make it cancelable. But none the less, it shall auto-update the level Number to match reordering. Or, at very least, popup a warning to remind the user that s/he is in danger.
  • lack of ability to vertice multiselect other way than with rectangular marker. Sometimes it's not possible to use it. Would be nice if the seletion could be of any shape, or if BoDesign could allow gluing selection together, it. you turn
    multiselect and start marking. Each area is added to the previous selections unless you disable multiselect. (it's rather RFE not a bug).
  • Borszczuk
    BoD - where time stood still
    SZ, we're in 2006 now. Your in-game About screen ain't.
    Borszczuk: Pointless as long as PalmOS' UI looks like from 14th century by itself

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    Website: Handango exposes 1.1c of Editor, not 1.1g
    Main page redirects to handango for Level Editor downloads. But instead of 1.1g you get 1.1c
    Web Site: Two Things
    It's not a major concern, but at this site, when I am typing a reply, it says "you could comment... if you were logged in" at the bottom of the page, when I am logged in. Also, the left frame at the forum frequently takes 100% of the screen space (Firefox), so the page scrolls horizontally. Please investigate.
    Sound file on Palm T/X causing delays
    When I have sound enabled on the Palm T/X, I have a problem with the bike movements stopping for a split second. This happens several times during a run. It doesn't happen when I have the sound turned off. Any ideas? Thanks.
    Sz: The new test version is ready!
    It should fix the T|X "stuttering" problem and also improves Treo 650 handling: "Disable other keys" will also disable the Home button to prevent accidental quitting (see "Control Options")

    Download it here:

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    How to get in touch with Szymon
    No one has been able to answer my question with sound issues on a Palm T/X. Is there a way to contact Szymon to see if he knows of a fix?
    Sz:, and you can also send me a private message.

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    Moving BOD
    I need to take bod off my handheld and put it only on my card, how is thatdone without deleting data
    Kristopher: If you have a card reader, you can delete BOD from the internal memory and then copy all of the levelpacks and recordings from the PC backup to the "Launcher" folder on the SD card.

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    Playing Level 0: Bike or Die Title
    Do as follows:
  • Make sure that you have a level (in the standard level pack) that you are not able to play because none of the two previous levels are completed.
  • If you don't, you can use any palm file manager to delete the file Bike_Or_Die_Results.pdb from your palm (you can find it on PC in crogram FilesPalmYOUR_NAMEBackup or Archive).
  • Then start BikeOrDie and while the intro is playing (Szymon Ulatowski is riding Level 0 , go to the Options-> Game-> Select level.
  • Select a level that you are not yet able to play and click "Play this level".
  • The message box appears informing you that you cannot yet play this level. Click OK.
  • Then you see the message "(Down) - try again".
  • You press PageDown button and play the Level 0!

    P.S. I've got a Rec showing me playing Level 0, but the server doesn't accept it telling that it's an unknown level.
    P.P.S. Notice that Level 0's floor and ceiling (below and above the letters) are hollow - the bike freely comes through.

  • MunkYBoY: nope but maybe its this way

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    Deleted/Restore Problem
    I moved bod to an sd card and deleted from handheld and everything got lost so i tried going to archives and instaling using palmone quick install but it installed each recording file as an application a.k.a. i cant watch them, since then iv gotten a bunch of better recordings but i dk what to do to combine the two and how to make incoming data from my computer install into BOD instead of just the palm.
    Kristopher: This is actually how Palm programs are supposed to work. Customer support at Astraware said many programs create multiple IDs so high scores and registeration info are saved when a game is deleted, but that means leaving files from some games you are never going to reinstall. The moral of the story is just to never delete Bike or Die. And the PRC is only 300-400K. The rest of the space taken is due to recordings, which would take way too long to process from an SD card if they were moved there.
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