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T|X Powers off while playing
I have my Auto Off set to 30 seconds. I used to have it at 3 minutes. Ever since I've changed, the T|X will power off while playing, like the PDA does not recognize that I am playing.
fall through
i just got this treo 700p and most of the time when i start a level i just fall strait through the ground, i just upgraded to 1.5a but it did it before that too.
Spence: ya that seems like the problem.
syncing my palm wont delete records i broke before when it says its restoring databases will it?

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Portal sound is audible even if handheld is muted
I am running Bike Or Die! v. 1.5 on my Palm T|X handheld.

If I set "Audio off" in system Preferences and set "Obey sistem settings" in Sound options within Bike Or Die!, the portal "swoop" sound is still played. No other game sound is played.
Sz: fixed in the new version
 Bike or Die v1.5a (bugfix release)

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Hall of Mirrors - Fatal Exception
Lowres version of Bod - Palm IIIc.
When I get to the top mirror I get a fatal exception and
the PDA resets itself.
Not a big problem - I can just skip this level.

Sz: fixed in the new version
 Bike or Die v1.5a (bugfix release)

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Not Updating On Server
I have tried sending a top score to the server, but it says that it already exists and my score will not post. I hold #5 on Sinus Mountains and recently broke the #1 record but it wont update the server. Can I not move up in the ranks once I have submitted a time?
Sz: in this case it was a bit more complicated, as the game was saved under a completely different name
nevertheless, Th-Champ gave the perfect answer, this is exactly what everyone should do when submission does not work as expected.

P.S. congratulation on the gold medal!

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Dainel fino
problems submiting my score
Please erase my scores on my web, I have probles uploading a data.... my scores of underground never appears and when I am uploading a file, the server answer me de document already exist. please contact me. thanks
Sz: submission troubleshooting:

1. do you use the correct player name? do not change it or your scores will not go into your account (in v1.5 you can edit the player name for a specific recording)

2. see "unauthorized games" section in your player's profile (some of your score could go there if you erased the configuration on started using a new device)

3. email me ( the rejected recordings and i will see what's happening
Treo 650 Select Button
I have a frustrating issue with the select button on my Treo. It's impossible to use the arrow keys without accidentally holding down Select on occasion. This brings up Palm's Alerts screen. I haven't found a way to disable this feature in the Palm prefs. The best workaround I came up with is to assign Pause in BoD to the Select key, but this causes me to accidentally pause the game constantly. Note that disable keys won't ignore the Select key, even if nothing is assigned to it.
Ibanez: I too use standard buttons on the 650, think the buttons are wearing out though as sometimes it reverses even without hitting select as they're all joined together underneath. Other than that I like the layout - maybe I'm just used to it.
I have had to stop for a while though as my thumb joints were really starting to hurt - and guitar takes priority!
Looking forward to the next level pack though - by the look of Sz's teasers it'll be the New Generation...

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TREO 680
Hi Sz! This maybe a known issue but I've recently upgraded to a TREO 680 from a T3 and I am seeing some buggy behaviour with the control mappings.

- Ignore other buttons doesn't really work and often accidentally hitting the green buton will exit the game for example.
  • If I am in pause mode hitting the phone button (my accelerator) will exit the game where as hitting Calendar (brake) doesn't.
  • Finally for some reason if I am accelerating, pushing lean left or right and then hit switch direction it often pauses the game followed by an exit if I continue to hold acclerate.

    Any chance these can be fixed as I've been playing for over 3 years now and am unable to re-program my head to learn new buttins to work around these problems. Like I said before others seem to be having button probs and these may be on the list of things to do.

    Cheers, Dags
  • Dags: Hehe - Brilliant Lee!! I vote that you replace the current one with that one again. You never know it may make you faster!! You look a little like Matt Johnson off the cover of Mind Bomb by The The in the current one

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    Obstacalis Muchus - unauthorized game

    A submission error - help
    Tabs: Many thanks for fixing it SZ.

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    Recordings not showing up
    As of yesterday, when I pull up the next generation level pack, it doesn't recognize that I have finished any of the levels. I always store my recordings on the card. I clicked on the card, and all the recordings are still there. When I click on recorded games, the games show up there too, but none of them show up as Best Times. How can I get BOD to recognize those recordings again? Or do I just manually select the ghost until I can get all new times?
    Henoch: Yeah, Kris is like a moving bod dictionary

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    Old recordings
    Is there any way I can get my old recordings back because its really annoying to have to check online to see if I beat my old time. Especially having to do it for EVERY single level.
    Dieter: Ok thanks mike I'll message him. I've never even noticed the "Download as text or CSV" before

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    I just lost my new levelpack
    I have the backup from when I posted the movies, but I lost a few hours of editing and testing.

    I had the levelpack ("revolution") on the internal memory, and the recordings on the card. Then the battery was low, so the recording location switched to the internal memory. I renamed all of the levels through Bike or Design to capitalize them, and renamed the levelpack to the capitalized version ("Revolution"), and moved the levelpack to the SD Card, then went back to Bike or Die, and my progress (record times) were lost, so I switched the recording location back to the SD card, and my best times were there. I started playing one level, but after I started playing it, it said it was level -1, and each time I restarted the level (without reloading it), it would attempt to reload recordings from the SD card to the internal memory. I exited BoD, and when I came back, it started Riding School, and my levelpack was gone! It isn't on the card or internal memory.

    I think either moving the levelpack to the card deleted the levelpack, or having a folder "revolution" for a levelpack "Revolution" confused it.

    The SD card still has the recordings and results file for the missing pack. Is there any way to recover the levelpack?
    Kristopher: There's also a smiley bug with " ):

    ' ) = ')
    " ) = ")
    : ) =
    : ] =

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    Potentially Major Treo problem!!!
    Ahhh! Don't know what's happening! I can't hotsync to my desktop pc anymore. It starts by saying "identifying user" then immediately moves on to "synchronizing media" and totally freezes. The weird thing is that my Treo freezes (needs to be reset) AND my desktop hotsync app freezes and I have to C+Alt+Delete and End task the program. Also, my entire media library is gone on my treo. I had about 40 pics or so and they are erased. The camera is not working either (can view screen in camera mode but when I click to take a pic, nothing happens) If I try to record video, a message pops up on my treo saying "Cannot encode video).

    What do I do? Is there way to get my treo info and everything uploaded on the computer other than hotsync? Is there a way to submit BoD games other than hotsync?

    Let me know asap!!! Thanks everyone
    Kristopher: Bike or Die shouldn't slow the Hotsync too badly; my Hotsync only takes about 5 minutes, even though I have many recordings.

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    Computer locks up, and shuts down when loading infinity by kris
    Im not sure why, but my palm shuts down while loading infinity. I think it could be because my phone is 650, but idk.
    Champ: Thanks kris. Ill try it. I will pm you if it works or not.

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    High scores submitted on the wrong user name
    My original games have all been saved under my hotsync user name (we'll call it "player1") but when I created an account for the Hall of Fame that name was already taken. I then chose another name and it worked fine the first time. The next time I submitted games with my palm, it seems to have submitted like 90% of my saved games under "player1" which is not my Hall of Fame user name. How do I change the user name on my phone that is used for submitting those scores? And how do I get back all of my scores that were submitted to "player1"?
    mike flips: yea he can fix it, i had the same problem when i first started. Good luck

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    Big level editor bug
    Every time I test a level or clear the editor, the palm crashes. I have a LifeDrive.
    Sz: most probably you were using Bike or Design v1.2, which was buggy. unfortunately i forgot to change the download link in the original announcement ( "Bike or Design" v1.2 released).
    use v1.2a (see  Bug fixes) and everything should be fine!

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    Unknown Hall of fame Category
    Whenever I watch a movie I can't click the level name on the left side because it says that it's an "unknown hall of fame category" I use the back button, so it's fine, I just don't want the problem to get worse.
    Sz: fixed now!

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    Phone call while playing
    Using a Treo650. While playing if a phone call comes in, it freezes the phone and i cant answer the call via the screen or keyboard.
    Franko: Just to update. When im playin and recieve a phone call on my 650 I answer by hitting the green phone button (duh, didnt even think about that) or ignore the call with the red phone button. All is well and im still using butlers keyguard.

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    menu bug, new in 1.4a
    v.1.4 worked perfectly on my Clié TH55.

    After the update to 1.4a, the menus were not displayed properly anymore (I'm using the landscape mode, with the menu on the left side, in the top if you look at it in portrait mode). Only the first menu item (Game) was displayed, without any background color. I couln't choose any menu item and had to exit the game using the back button.

    Reinstalled the old v.1.4 solved the problem...
    device crash and level loses win status
    I can use the "send" option on my treo to send items from the notepad, from zlauncher, and from many other programs as an attachment via the chatter-email program, but when I try to do it with bike or die, it not only resets the device, but the recording that I was trying to send suddenly becomes a regular recording and doesn't count as a winning level any more so I'm unable to play levels past it that I should have access to! This has happened to me twice now. For now, I just manually find the recording with zlauncher and send it from there which works but can be a pain to figure out which recording is which file.
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