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Need Unlock Code
I downloaded the newest update on my Zodiac and it purged my unlock code. I can no longer play anything but the 1st 5 levels. HELP!!


Doeni: I tried several times to get in contact by this email, no answer...
I have bought a new device and need my reg-code again, there must be a way to get it!

I'd be glad about an answer.

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map button
half the time i press the map button during a game it goes to calender and loses my place when i was doing good too. it is extremely anoying. i cant even use the map because im afraid it will exit!
Spence: i figured out how to stop it by changing the map button to the
select bnutton on the 5 way navigator. it works o.k. but it deppends on how your navigator is shaped. i have to hold it down though. it eliminates any exiting, thats whats important.

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Updraft bug
I got a problem with "Updraft" object i my new level I am working on. I got two of them, exactly the same power (3) next to each other. The problem is that it seems the second one... does not work. It does not take the bike up if you jump into it, and if you pass from the other one to this one, you simply fall down and crash like there's no updraft at all. The updrats in subject do not overlap. Any hints?
Kristopher: I saw this bug a few days ago and emailed Sz. I have not seen a pattern for why some updrafts do not work.
I'd like to request these fixes be implemented
Tungsten T3 Specific Issues, in previous versions, the modes stayed the same from performing the following:
> PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE mode, slider OPEN
-when in pause or map mode, closing the slider returns to gameplay mode

-when in pause or map mode, opening the slider returns to gameplay mode

Issues Possible with Other Palms As Well
When in pause or map mode (directly invoked by pressing the map or pause button, as opposed to going from pause mode after turning the handheld back on), powering off goes to gameplay mode instead of turning the handheld off
Kristopher: Yes, on the Zire 72, if you hold the calendar button down while the game is starting (while the Toyspring logo is onscreen), the game will exit, even if you tell it to ignore other buttons.

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Level Editor
When you are in the level editor and you go to Clear Level so that you can change the compatibility from 1.0 to 1.4 witch is what it needs to be for new things a lot of other problems are also happening like Test Level without Splitting long lines and no finish.
Austron: On my Life Drive, when ever I clear the editor, save a level or test a level, the program crashes and my palm resets, which on a life drive takes a LONG time.

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The JavaSync can Crash Windows!
I had manually selected a directory for the Java game-uploader on Windows 2000; it was the directory for SiuLun's Levels on the SD card (Drive E). The games were submitted well, and I restarted the JavaSync a few days later to submit again, from a different SD card. But this SD card did not have a folder for SiuLun's Levels, so when I went to JavaSync> Configure> Browse, the Windows Blue-Screen-of-Death appeared, and Windows restarted. It happened twice!
Kristopher: I deleted those two files and ran it again, but it crashed again. So I ran the "check this drive for errors" option from Windows, and it renamed the folder from "The Maze" to "BIKEOR~1.--0". Apparently, that folder had a bad name, or was corrupted. The bug was not crashing when I viewed the "recordings" folder in Windows explorer, but Windows still decided to rename the folder! The Javasync works again; apparently it was just crashing due to that folder on my SD card. (Although that folder had been created by Bike or Die!, so it should have never crashed. )

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Unauthorized Games are Missing!
I submitted about 140 recordings, which all went to the "unauthorized games" section. I checkmarked to authorize the first page of them, and checkmarked "authorize this device." So now, the first page of those unauthorized are authorized, but the other pages (with over 100 games) are missing. They are not in the "unauthorized games" section, or in the "games on-line" section.
Sz: 1.this is serious, happened twice this week, i will have to check...
2."already exists" is not that bad, it means your recording are safely stored on the server (however not assigned to your account - i will correct this by hand)

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Anyway to set a new username with the websync app?
This isn't quite a bug, but it does appear to be the most appropriate section.

I as well as others who've used my Palm have saved high scores under different usernames as well. Yet, the websync app doesn't even list those other usernames let alone give me the option to upload their scores. I couldn't find any option to look for all usernames, and the directory to look for is the same place where my primary high score usernames are (the Backup directory). Is there something obvious or simple I'm missing here concerning the websync utility?
Lost my level progress

I've have up using SD card for level and recording as it seems it (at the current state) more annoying than uselful. I decided to move all recordings and levels back to main memory. Unfortunately it seems that something went wrong (I just copied it using file explorer + did some "Load from Card" stuff) as all my New Deal progress is now gone (however I got all my recordings from that level available). Is there any way to get my progress back (I barely want to play the levels I've already done with).
Borszczuk: "rescue" works (hope it merges only better results, as in meantime I beat some of my older "records")

as for why I gave SD up: it my be just my fault, improper BoD configuration or so, but: it always started on builtin levels. When I chosen other level I needed to tell BoD to fetch my recordings related to it (it wasn't done automaticall). Startup time increased dramatically due to recording copying etc. Since all my BoD related stuff occupies around 400KB, why shall I bother at all

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Anonymous game.
This isn't really a bug but I saved a game as anonymous
and now cant load it into the hall of fame.
Its not showing up on unauthorized games either.

Any ideas ?

Tabs: Thanks Sz.

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Tungsten E2 controls
After my Tungsten E died a week ago I have found a Tungsten E2. BUT the 5 way navigator only works 2 ways - up & down (accelerate & brake) even though the settings say otherwise. Have tried someone elses E2 and its the same.
I can make balance left/right work with the calendar/notepad keys but its taken me a few months to 'master' this game with the 5WN and I need it to work that way
Also how do I get my recorded games across to the new Palm? I copied them into the new PalmBackup file but got an error log saying deleted from handheld... archived. HELP
Shane: Thanks Kris - the capture key press has done the trick

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Current Ranking Can't Update!
dear administrator,
i upload a new record to replace old one by java sync. but the old one is still displayed in current ranking, no new record. i don't kown how to delet the old.
12. Clay Serpent - #244/641 (0:39,66)
Today, 10:44 Level 12 - Clay Serpent 0:37,64
btw, i uploaded the old record with a old temporary id and they were converted to this id automaticlly by system.
my id: "Song.Shang"
Song.Shang: Thanks Sz,Kristopher! now the record can display normally in current ranking page

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Bad Links for These Forums
I was looking through the pages of ideas, when I found a bug!

There are links for each page of ideas near the top of the ideas page. The link to page one is
http://bike.toyspring .com/forum.php?th=1975& tp=0
and the link to page two is
http://bike.toyspring .com/forum.php?th=1975& tp=1

The number at the end of the URL looks like it says which page you are on, but it actually, the number is different for every post.
There are four pages, so these pages shouldn't exist:
http://bike.toyspring .com/forum.php?th=1975& tp=8
http://bike.toyspring .com/forum.php?th=1975& tp=9
but go to
http://bike.toyspring .com/forum.php?th=1975& tp=8
and notice PrayeR says "PPC " as the first thread. Then go to
http://bike.toyspring .com/forum.php?th=1975& tp=9
and notice "PPC " is the second thread on the page.

So instead of page 2 being
http://bike.toyspring .com/forum.php?th=1975& tp=1
it should be
http://bike.toyspring .com/forum.php?th=1975& tp=20
or something like that.
Lower Resolution
Hey my friend was playing BOD on his Treo 650 and I noticed his resolution was way better on my zire 72 the man is all boxy and the reslolution isn't good. He had to hard rest his 650 and he wanted my to send hin BOD so I did then when he played it on his 650 the res was bad too. Do I have a bad version? I got the latest version on the site but it din't work. Mabye I am installing i wrong(I used Palm Quick install) could someone please help? Thanks
Kristopher: Each of the different versions (hi-res, grayscale) has the same creator-ID, so it will only recognize one of those programs, and it probably saw the wrong one.

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Wrong user name
Very strange is that my game is registred to "delphium" which is also my hotsync name, but my submitted scores are under the name "delhium". Any ideas?
You Qi: the name you entered in the column where after the game finish was wrong. try to replace it with the correct 1 next time you win a game.
Is ther any way i can delete an online profile? I kept forgetting my password so i had to make more. and now i have to many and it is messing with my uploads because it downloads to the wrong one. Help!!
Orphaned Images Still on Website
My player number is 1769, so my avatar is one of these three:

But I noticed all three of those files are still on this web site, when only the most current one should be. The other two are no longer used.
You Qi: it only will replace if you use the same format of picture again.
Auto Game Pause on Phone Call
I wish BoD to listen to Treo Phone Calls notifies and auto pause the game when I got incomming call. It often happens I get hit by call when I *almost* finished a level. Pretty annoying

uploading times
i uploaded my times with websync but they dont appear i my profile!They were the standard levels. can sombody help me?
Daniel S.
Even more determination not to Die!
On my Palm TX when ever I die, or even win, my palm restarts! It makes it impossible to play the game! I need to fix this problem because last time this happened after too many restarts my palm did a hard restart and I lost every thing! If you would know how to fix this please tell me. I have already reinstalled the game and everything but it hasnt helped. Please Help Me!
_alex_: for me the problem is that i have to many lvl packs( i got tungeten e2) so i either delete replays or some usseless packs then download them agen

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