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Hey Sz, would it be possible to implement a half-second delay before being able to press up=next level after completing a game because I'm still holding up when i ride to the flag and it automatically goes tot he next level which is very annoying.
Sz: do you use "instant restart"? (Control Options)
i tried several times and the up/down buttons are disabled for a second (or so) after the game ends.
"instant restart" disables this delay so you can restart or switch to another level... instantly

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SERIOUS bug!!!
When checking my statistics
Sz: thank you for reporting - the bug has been fixed in v2.0c
see  A small update + Spanish translation

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submitted times not showing up
I have probably submitted 150 times in the past 3 weeks or so, but on my account none of the times show up and it says I have not submitted anything since February 3rd.
Lee: Sz will find them and sort you out... email him

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Submit My Best Times
I love the new feature that recognizes my best times from all level packs and allows us to upload them all at once. However, I've encountered a small problem with this feature:

I had 11 improvements saved over the weekend, but the list shown under "Submit My Best Times" only showed 10. The next time I looked at the list, it only showed 9, then 8.

I went to Recorded Games and found the recordings that had not been submitted. I had to submit them one at a time from the Recorded Games list, but at least they were there.

Anyone else noticed this?
Bike or Die 2 Beta Bugs
I thought it would be good to put all of the Bike or Die 2 Beta 3 bugs that we find on one page, for easy reference.
PiNerd: I decided to PM them too, as Sz seems to be pretty "on it" this week.

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Here's a new one :)
While playing Touch Bricks in Standard Levels, I jumped off the brick, and my Zodiac started buzzing (through the speakers, it is some kind of fatal alert thing, ive gotten it in my apps before, NULL pointer?). The buzzing only happins if you have sound on BTW (from experience). Cant reproduce.
Xuzz: No, there is no message -- It just buzzes. If you want i can write an app to buzz it (it also respects the volume settings...weird).

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umm on my computer the right edge of the main forum page is off the screen,I dont know if its made for wide screen or what but iv tried changing the screen resolution and chcnging the zoom level on the internet explorer and nether helps any,do I just have a wierd computer?(perfectly possible in my case)
Xuzz: Actually, i just noticed it did this in Opera Mini 4.1...but not on a computer.

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Bike or Design and Lifedrive
The latest version of Bike or Design does not work with the Lifedrive, at least it does not work with MY Lifedrive... I can add props, move around, zoom and select, but I cannot draw new ground or portals. I see a single point but no line appears. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
Kristopher: Have you tried the newest designer on other Palms? Can you make Updrafts?
I guess the Lifedrive is not popular around here.

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Recording Not Saved
Has anyone encountered this problem?

Last night, I beat Up!Up!Up! with a time of 0:46,60. I told it to delete the old recording. I immediately tried the level again and I noticed that my ghost was gone. When I went to submit it, the recording wasn't there.

When I look at Recorded Games, the only thing I have for Up!Up!Up! is a recording that says 0:01,10, which is not recognized as a valid game. The time of 46,60 scrolls the top of my screen when I play this level now, but I don't get credit for it and there is no ghost.

46,60 would be a Top 30 time and is worth about 26.5 points to me. My old time was 48,82; if I beat it, but don't beat 46,60, it doesn't recognize that I beat my best time and I can't get any more points.

Is there anything I can do (other than beat it faster than 46,60)?

Xuzz: Happens to me too. Just lost my best riding school time (only 31:xx )

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Recording problems
I was sending Sz the Alpah to Beta version of BikeForce (the not-quite-finished Beta if you see what I mean) so I moved to to the card. Bike or Die was runnign when I removed the card, and the same session was running when I put the card back in. I did not play between those two events. I came to play Bike or Die and the card operation failed. I was surprised as the card was in the extension slot. I quitted to the launcer and restarted Bike or Die. I tried to reset the recordings to Card, and said "Do it!" when I was asked about moving recordings. I have tried this while in several level packs and I always get the same result, after the screen which is blank but claims to be moving my recordings to the Card (it is not because they are on the card anyway, but this normally works).

Card operation failed (Error code 2907 /Palm/Programs/BikeOrDie/Recordings/< level pack name> /< level pack name> _R.pdb). Recording is now switched back to internal memory.

I am using a Treo 680 with no hacks. The card is a 256MB (more than enough for what I use it for before you turn your noses up) full-size SD. The Treo is a little over two months old. The card is inserted the correct way around. The card is not locked.

FontSmoother Incompatibility
Alex Pruss's FontSmoother is a great app, but BoD doesnt work with it. All text in the game has a blue background with yellow spots, and the sliding messages freeze it for a second.

Sz, can you fix this?

Xuzz: Is there a way that you can control fontsmoother, so it works on the menus, but not the main game?

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Hi-res+ is not fully supported
I now how a Tapwave Zodiac and I noticed that some parts of Bike or Die don't run full screen in landscape mode. For example, when the 'Save Game' box comes up, the game reverts to the standard hi-res mode and the virtual graffitti comes up. When the game is saved, it then goes back into landscape mode, but the words saying what your time was are no longer there. Is there a way to stop this? Also, when the game first starts by displaying the Toyspring logo, the logo is not centered in the screen because the virtual graffitti is on again.
I find this somewhat annoying, since the screen blinks every time it switches size. Solutions, anyone?
Xuzz: Wow, that was from 2005...

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Screen freezing when pushing the "up" button
When I'm playing BoD on my Tungsten E2, I push the "Up" Button hard enough one my Palm and thing freezes up. When I let up on the "Up" button, the thing unfreezes. This a very major bug. It really screws up my strategy when play then "Superman Returns" level on the the New Generation level pack, I'm playing and the bike begins turning, I think I can recover but the freezing thing screws up the strategy and and I crash.
Xuzz: It does have NVFS support. This is mainly for Hack-type programs, which BoD is not one. I know it does because it works (doesn't crash) on my 650.

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Bike or Design Hard Key Controls with Zodiac
I am not able to nudge objects in Bike or Design left or righ t with the hardkeys on my Zodiac; the analog controller and colored keys only move the objects up and down.
Xuzz: Me too (on all three of my zodiacs...really)
Error on homepage
I really like the new design, but by looking at it,
i saw that on the homepage ther is a link "See the game video"
,it linkes to http://www.ranosoft.n et/other/BikeOrDie.mpg
and on my browser that link doesn't work (404)
Sz: fixed!
Total Race score not updating
My total race score says 1h 11:25,26 / 6 LP ie i've completed six level packs, but i have actually completed nine of them!

Any ideas?
Robin: Thanks Casey, guess i'd better get working on Die or Die!

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recordings not loading
ok im getting angry now. a month ago i moved all my recordings to my sd card so i could upload them on a friends pc. well i was able to move most of them back except siuluns lvs and summer pack. the load bar just flickers for a few seconds and nothing happened. so i put my sd card in my pc and installed siuluns lvs manually and looked on my palm and it still says i havnt beaten any of them! any ideas?
Spence: well wut happened is that when when my recordings were moved to my sd card, the next time i hotsynced, my pc thought i deleted them and moved the backups to the archive folder (id rather not search through them, theres over 1000 files in there)so like i said i did put my sd card in my card reader and installed all the files in the siuluns folder but nothing happened...

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Screen blanking on some levels!
I've got a weird bug on at least 2 levels on my Treo 680. Basically when I'm on the far left of a level the screen goes completely blank in zoomed out mode until I have moved a certain distance back to the right when the 'picture' comes back. It doesn't do it for as long in normal mode but it still does. The levels I have found this in are WOW and Dante's! Anybody else having this problem? It happens in both 1.5 and 1.6 - not sure about 1.4 and earlier.....It's causing me to not be able to complete these 2. Sz? Any ideas?
Dags: BoD v2.0! Yum!

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Move Failed when loading new level
Error reads:
Move Failed. Database: Out of memory. Delete old data or unneeded applications. (Dm0201)

I have 75MB free on my PDA

Palm T|X
Unable to detect submittable levels upon opening BoD
Sz, here's a bug that you might actually be able to fix. When I'm playing BoD, and I complete a level (without dying), I go to Recordings and select "Submit my best times." After doing this it says "you have 1 level available to submit" (or something to that effect). However, when I exit BoD (and force to perform a manual soft reset because the T|E2's OS and Crash Pro are complete pieces of crap, as you know already). But when I open BoD again and I select Recordings -> Submit my best times, it says that no times are available to submit, even though there was 1 available (which wasn't submitted) before I exited earlier.

I'm fairly sure that this is a bug in BoD and not a hardware problem (like the one that causes my T|E2 to crash after exiting BoD).
Nate: Sz, I honestly don't know if this is because of the Crash. The crappy OS of the T|E2, has caused at least 2 other programs to develop serious problems (Crash Pro doesn't complete the soft reset process, so I'm forced to perform a manual soft reset. And I got a "DataMgr.c, Line 8872: DmWrite: DmWriteCheck failed" error after loading completed while Click Deluxe 2 in the process of starting).

I would check it on my Zire31, but it doesn't work anymore (which is why I "Upgraded" to a Tungsten E2). At the moment, with the problems I'm having with my T|E2, I'm considering upgrading to either a Palm Centro (even though it has a Micro SD slot, which I have (it's in my E2 right now, using the SD Card Adapter)) or Palm Treo 650, without having to commit to a 2-year contract (I'm fine with the service I have right now with my Cell Phone). The reason I'm not considering the Palm T/X is because I want to stick with the 320x320 screen that I have my E2.

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