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Toughest Golds

Just curious.... If everyone had to choose their picks for the 3 toughest golds to beat, what would everyone pick? And if you had to choose your toughest, which gold of yours would you bet will never be beaten! note: I have ignored levels such as Downhill, Bottle, etc....

Vega's choices

Toughest 3 in the game in no particular order:
RSP2: 11.86 Smalls
Double Sprint: 19.58 Champ
Sinus M: 30.02 ThunderdomeA

My toughest gold to beat:
Ice Skating: 20.00 Vega

It's difficult to choose.
Here's a few Honorable Mentions

The Right Way- Vega
Spike Cave - Mike
Malysz - Kris
Underground - Mike
Jump Over - Mike
Zip Zap - Mike
Street - Mike
Loop 2 - Lee
Foothill Half Cir - Gus
Red Sox 1 - Mike
50M Swim - Vega
CMR - Laser

Ha ha ha... you put Jump Over, Zip Zap, Street, Red Sox 1, and CMR up there, but I will get them back eventually.
I had Spike Cave too, but I think I am done with that level.
I think Bottle is the hardest; it's impossible to beat that!!
We'll see which ones of those you take back

But you didn't choose any
mike flips
I hope you dont get them back eventually. Thats like me going after Konecniks...
this was meant to be a fun topic, not cause a fued tiff between the gold kings
By the way Kris, we've all had golds and lost them. Gold's are always changing hands. I previously had Underground, Sinus, Double S, Malysz, and CMR but I put them up there anyway. I just picked the ones that I thought were *difficult* times to beat, not impossible. Someone might beat Laser's 58.xx in CMR, but you can't tell me that it will be 'easy'.

now it looks like I'm the one causing a tiff I should have posted this comment before my previous one.... oh well
easy,maby not but im gonna do it first thing after getting a rank below 25!
pickle, don't even comment about CMR until you have 45 or better
Personally, once you get it, you get it for CMR. It really shouldn't be too hard for me to beat my time. To get from 102.xx to 100.xx took a while. But from 59.xx to 58.xx was only a few tries. And I'd like to add Sinus Revisited and Love Maze for my toughest golds.
No, taking the Konecniks would be like me taking Cablecar.

The first five Standard Levels are very hard in the competition, but aside from those, here are what I think are the hardest levels, picking one from each levelpack:

  • Vertical Avenue
  • Watch your head
  • Moon Madness or Konecnik Down
  • Fly!
  • Fruits, KL City Centre, or Oil Drop
  • Red Murder
  • Foothill Half Circle or Die or Die!
  • Love maze
  • Playground or Sixpack
  • Steps
  • Mario 1-1
  • Sequence

  • Mr.pickle.
    I never siad I could get 45:xx!I said 50:xx and 50:xx is what I will do(when I get a rank of bettter than 25),till then I am still a top 10 player of cmr and have done the level 7842 times and consider myself very educated on it,I am only a few seconds behind your game actully vega...
    laser I would agree with you,onece you get the level down to where you can beet it every 100 tries or so (more like every 10 tries going slow)your time goes down much easyer.
    Some of the toughest in my opinion:

    Jurassic Parking (I can never make a smooth run)
    Touch Bricks (Hard Trick to Master--Takes some luck with the finish to beat Smalls)
    Watch your Head (Insane play by Cirenco and David King--leading by 3 seconds)
    Skyway (held for over 1 1/2 years by You Qi--Hard trick to wheelie up and catch cable)
    Braking School (coming up on 1 year 3 months--long and hard)
    Coal Miner Rescue (I hate this level and thus will never have enough incentive to get anywhere near the Gold)
    Steps (Uber22--aka Th-Champ--shows how to do it, but no one can--14 second lead)

    Hardest Gold for me to reclaim:

    Vertical Avenue (15,000th try was the magical run)

    mike flips
    Its funny, you guys mention skyway and oil drop. I've had those for a little while but never got around to submit. Might as well submit them now.
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