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TREO 680

Hi Sz! This maybe a known issue but I've recently upgraded to a TREO 680 from a T3 and I am seeing some buggy behaviour with the control mappings.

- Ignore other buttons doesn't really work and often accidentally hitting the green buton will exit the game for example.
  • If I am in pause mode hitting the phone button (my accelerator) will exit the game where as hitting Calendar (brake) doesn't.
  • Finally for some reason if I am accelerating, pushing lean left or right and then hit switch direction it often pauses the game followed by an exit if I continue to hold acclerate.

    Any chance these can be fixed as I've been playing for over 3 years now and am unable to re-program my head to learn new buttins to work around these problems. Like I said before others seem to be having button probs and these may be on the list of things to do.

    Cheers, Dags

    yes, i will take a look at the treo 680 compatibility
    Dags, you've been here longer than Lee! (The oldest player besides Sz?)
    Ah mate - I'm young at heart (35) am I really one of the few "old guard" left in this thing?
    I was referring to age in BoD history.
    (Dags has been here since July 2004!)
    Beside Dags, there still Macko as an active player, also Eric who has submitted few games on June
    Yes chaps, I've just celebrated 3 years of BoD myself - I even held the number one spot for a few hours many years ago. I remember when Lee joined - he used to have the best avatar ever - we begged him to bring it back but he never did!! Lee - c'mon bring the 'mad flyer' back to life! All my golds have gone now but heh I'm back... Watch out!
    There you go mate
    Hehe - Brilliant Lee!! I vote that you replace the current one with that one again. You never know it may make you faster!! You look a little like Matt Johnson off the cover of Mind Bomb by The The in the current one
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