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Sandspire Valley
in  BikeForce: Elements
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Fun level with a speedy descent.

Nicest looking level but not the most detailed.
The light brown is jut background, right? so you can go down either side and had 2 you said, looks fun
I will personally fly to visit you and give you $1000 if you can get down the outside of the drop.

(I reserve the right to miss my flight)
what do you mean... "get down the outside..."?
Are you saying to jump from the starting point area and go over the green spike,
and land somewhere down near the red flag in the circular area?
If that's what you mean, I can almost assure you that it can be done.

PiNerd. The next step is for you to play and complete these and submit recordings to Kris's movie website.
Would love to see them
ya PiNerd that could almost certainly be done but i don't want to scam you of your money...
Here is a recording of my fastest Sandspire Valley run so far:

http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/uploads/1219078140.swf
I have no recollection whatsoever making that comment above. That's very interesting. Anyway this level is pretty cool, but I think it needs more. Going out to the left from the start could improve it a bit. That big blank patch of sky could be home to a new piece of map that might lend a bit more flow. The current route that BB posted is kinda quirky. It has no flow at all. But the design of the level has potential.
I'm with Vega on this level, it definitely needs to be redone to have at least some flow to it, I really dislike pits that require you to brake on the walls to descend. I've learned how to deal with them fine myself, but the BoD community is small and for the most part only getting smaller.

One of the many complaints about the game is that it is simply too hard, mechanics like that drive players away very quickly, even if a new player can't get gold or even compete with gold times on a level, they should be able to reach the finish flag without any absolutely exhaustive time spent.
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