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CarlForce Requires v1.6
Download (2K)
3317 hits
Created by:
Carl China
Since: 3 Aug 2008

Danger Chois
Hass Mountain
78 comments on 8 pages: <<<< 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 >>>>
Easy there, PiNerd.
As PMD's question revealed earlier, it seems China Carl is a very young player. (Must admit, I'd missed the signs )

Its understandable you want to (and should) keep the Bikeforce/BF 'brand' for your excellent levels and surely Sz can do something to sort that out.

I kinda figerd hed be upset....I gess I was wrong about the translating and hes just very young but just the same all his links to nowhere are very anoying and pointless....
Oh H*** no. I don't think so, homes.
As far as I'm concerned, your attitude in your post above is far stinkier garbage than anything in Carl's pack.

I knew Carl China was a young pup since post #1. His original picture revealed that quite clearly.
Yes he comments a lot. Yes, sometimes they are pointless/random...
but he just seems to be excited about competing and being part of something... being recognized.
He's not intentionally insulting anyone, including you. He's certainly no pickle.

You'll likely regret most of what you wrote. If you don't at some point, that's concering.
I mean... your whole post is pathetic, but especially the "We need less people like him in the world" and "Get lost Carl".
How about you get lost, eh?

@Carl China: Don't even pay attention to anything PiNerd wrote above. He wasn't trying to help at all.
What a bunch of ridiculous trash. Seriously.
He would have wrote those comments about someone else just the same.
It has nothing to do with you. It has everything to do with him.

You are getting much better at Bike or Die. This is an extraordinarily tough game, and you are doing well.


oh... and who gives a flying rip about what he names his levelpack.
He liked your levelpack, man. A lot of people do.

He could name it "Vega's Movie Levels 2". Wouldn't bother me a bit.
... more of a tribute than anything else.
mike flips
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...

@Vega - i saw you slip a little "eh?" into your post. Glad to see were rubbing off on you
very funny Mike
Carl China
Everyone be quiet! Do you think Carl got 14.xx in Gravicorners?
Carl China
If you don't think that is right, the game is here: Carl China on Gravicorners
What I sense here is a lack of communication...
ok at least pinerd dident cuss like some people I could mention...........(I am probly going to pay for bringing that up agian but I think I have just as much right to be sore as this perticular person...)
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