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CarlForce Requires v1.6
Download (2K)
3317 hits
Created by:
Carl China
Since: 3 Aug 2008

Danger Chois
Hass Mountain
78 comments on 8 pages: <<<< 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 >>>>
also vega,you said that its ok that he comments alot? Do you remember how much crap I got for commenting to much?! wats up with that?!? mine at least made sence and werent links to literally no where!
lol i have reason to cuss at you pickle but lets not go there :

If you change the name I'll be happy. I was planning on releasing that pack so stealing the name is not good.

Vega many of us have different opinions on intellectual property and also on right and wrong so I see that your opinion is different to mine. I don't want to start a big argument but I can't help remembering your only slightly more forgiving post to pickle on  Mr.pickle. on Riding School Part 2.

I'm happy for Carl to ask Sz to change thename and then forget about all of this. (watch me get flamed for saying that )
I'm in the camp which thinks telling a child to Get Lost or "We need less people like him in the world" is wrong. Maybe you should apologise before you 'forget about all this'. Vega was constructive to Mr.P you were just insulting, I can understand why you were upset about the name but you didn't consider that you were were clearly dealing with a young child - of course this is just my opinion.
Im with Ibanez about this, but i also think that PiNerd (or Sz) should contact Carl China and ask him about a possible name change.
Yah PiNerd. I knew you would reference my previous interactions with Pickle.
I could see that coming from a mile away. As Ibanez noted, there are differences in our intentions.
But now, in your newest comments, you get all "intellectual" on me.
Your original post, which elicited my response, was anything but intellectual, sir.
mike flips
Why can't we all just be friends.
Carl China
But Pinerd, The PRC has already gave to Sz.
Carl China
??? :-@
Ya wanna know whats wierd? I actully think when you rouse vega's argumenitive spirit his spelling and grammer actully get better just wierd

@carl,if you ask sz he can change it still
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