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Bike or Die 2 Released

Here comes the new Bike or Die!

Download: Bike or Die! 2

The most important difference is graphics - now it is possible to design levels using multiple textures and there is a nice 3D effect making everything look more real than ever.

Summary of version 2 changes:
  • Improved level design, more textures, 3D-like effect
  • Background music
  • High contrast mode
  • Customizable bike appearance
  • "Player Profiles" for storing multiple configurations, especially useful when playing with family or friends
  • Variable zoom
  • "Map mode" is no longer static, you can even play on the map screen (as long you can manage to steer a tiny bike)
  • Commonly used menu commands can be assigned to buttons

    Note: V1-> V2 upgrade is not free

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    Update: Bike or Die! 2.1
    So do we continue testing it then or...

    Have we finished? What do we do now?
    of course i will be fixing any bugs you can find, even now after the release

    btw. i forgot...
    Great! This is the best Palm news for years!!!
    I downloaded v.2 this morning. I'm still getting used to it. I had to reconfigure recording and button settings and pick my t-shirt and tire color . I was up and running in about 15 minutes.

    My favorite features so far are:
    1. Auto zoom
    2. Auto pause when beginning a level
    3. Being able to assign restart to a button

    Thanks for the awesome application. IMHO, BoD2 for $5.95 (or $14.95) is the best bang for your buck in the history of gaming!

    It is fun to watch old recordings in 3D mode (on my Treo). Will the online recordings show up in 3D someday?
    Its going to take a while to get used to thats for sure. I get much better frame rates now too. And the music reminds me of some of my N64 games, especially F-zero X.
    The intro movie is awesome, SZ. I just want to know how you do the thing where you raise your arms? I haven't seen that yet while playing.

    I agree with Spence that the game takes a little getting used to, but I'm really loving it now. I think the 3D thing looks very best on the levels that are naturally blocky, like Touch Bricks (I love the new look of that one). And the colors and stuff on Jurassic Parking are cool too. The colors and textures just make everything feel more finished.

    The new key mapping and bike/character settings are cool too, and will be even better when we get some more skins in there.

    Thanks SZ, you rock!

    Now all we need is a new level pack. One that can show off all the new features.
    When you click on "Purchase the full version" on the homepage, it shows up as $4.95... I'm assuming this is a mistake?
    Awesome. Thanks SZ. Just in time, I have several boring conference calls to be on this afternoon!
    well i am broke atm so i am wondering is it possible to play inversion 1? like when the next version comes out will it require 2.1? or will there be a 1.7(i think were on 1.6 now) that i could download
    You don't have 5 bucks, bones? You should be able to scrounge that much from the couch cushions It's definitely worth the upgrade.
    Seriously, i found $31 in my room in change.
    Superb!! Congrats Sz - where do I pay?
    yeahit takes a little time getting used too but after you get it the gameplay is better than in v1,awsome sz!
    "Purchase the full version" was an old link - for BoD v1.x (which is now $4.95)

    i'm think i will keep the od BoD v1.x series usable and any new gameplay features will be probably backported to v1.7, so all registered users can still play all Hall of Fame levels without upgrading
    no i really cant afford it at the moment and i think my palm is getting close to permanet death so i wont upgrade but i will probably keep playing i havent played in a month but i have a few old times to get me to eleventh so i think i might retire after those....
    retire?!bones!you cant retire!get a new palm off ebay!(there like 50$,cheaper than a brand new palm anyway....)
    Geez that sucks bones... Mine is acting strangley as well, but only while playing the BoD 2 Title level. I can't even play that level anymore because it kept crashing my 650 and restarting it in the middle of runs.

    Also, on several runs, I would go into the walls or the ground (for no reason) and then since it was kind of unique I would save the replay. But when I went to watch the replay, it showed a completely false run (that never occured in reality) and was a different time length and showed me doing flips and stops that I never did. Pretty spooky if you ask me.

    It could just be my palm. Bought it in 2005 and I'm over 500,000 games now However, since I switched back to playing other levels, it has been fine
    Installed it as a trial version over BoD1: When trying to run the game, it shows a white screen with the blue title bar (after the loading bar appeared and filled up)... Waiting, but nothing happens, then have to reset. (This is on a Clié TH55...)
    Anyone tried it on a TH55?
    That's interesting Vega about the behavior of your Treo. I too am over the 500,000 games and I get the restart behavior. I figured that it was because my Treo has been dropped kicked numerous times, has no antenna anymore, the paint is worn off the buttons, the case is cracked, a number of keys on the keyboard are locked in place, etc...

    I haven't tried playing any of the older levels to see if the restarting/freezing goes away.

    I haven't been able to successfully complete a level without it freezing for a couple of weeks. Probably time to just go get a new one (or used).
    So when does Bike Or Design 2 come out?
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