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Obstacalis Muchus
in  Summer Pack

Best time: 0:28,48
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but looks great and riding is fun
I don't think it quite plays itself. The point of this one was to make you keep going and hopefully not let you catch your breath. There don't seem to be many levels you don't complain about
ok, i will shut up, if this will help you to feel better.
OK sorry, I didn't mean to get into a slanging match. I feel fine though, no need to worry. Congrats on taking 2nd place from me.
MrD, my "complaining" are not for offending someone
just to help developers of levels - to make levels better and better.
pickle hates this level....I always die in the lower right,EVERY STINKIN TIME!!!!!!!!!!i cant get my score under 33;xx and I have tried nearly 1000 times!!!!!!!!!!!!

short form of this comment,I HATE THIS LEVEL!!!!!!!!
Obstacalis Muchus is a level where I frequently found myself saying, "Brian, I wonder what Pickle thinks of this level?" This same question is probably what kept Mike up 'til 5AM a couple of days ago.

Seriously, I know what you mean, Pickle. However, I've found the SECRET to not dying in the lower right every stinkin time... SLOW DOWN!

The good news is that it only takes about 18 seconds for you to get to the lower right hand corner and die. Therefore, you can play this level 200 times in 1 hour (or 1,000 times in as little as 5 hours).

Keep at it Pickle - that elusive "magical" run is out there waiting for you!
I finally got it ,has nothing to do with slowing down just tapping the brake for like one frame,not really enuf to count as slowing down.
actully I dident just get it,I got it good!,sixth place to be exactI wont submit till sundy tho as always
Andrew A
Sorry Mr. P but 6th is now 11th!
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