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A small update + Spanish translation

I fixed some bugs:
  • Holding the button assigned to "restart level" no longer restarts the level continuously (which breaks your stats)
  • Didn't ask before quitting even if the option was enabled (Control Options)
  • (Not really a bug) by using more flexible memory management the game also works on devices having much smaller dynamic memory heap (e.g. Zire 71)

    Download Bike or Die 2.0c

    Thanks to   Ricardo there is now a Spanish version of Bike or Die 2!
    Download Spanish translation

    too bad my stats are already dead there a way to recover (probably not) or clear them?
    Hey, glad to receive this update, my TT now supports it a little bit better, however, whenever I want to change a levelpack the game freezes and I have to make a soft reset, and my ghosts from some packs are gone (Standard for example). The records are kept, but if I choose Recordings from the menu, they are all gone, I tried the Rescue command and no luck, any help?
    Hey Sz, just a few things to suggest (really little). A founction sortcut for replay the best game. I edited it to be Menu> E but that won't work if I upgrade (I'll have to do it again). Also, why not release a list of all of the messages in BoD so sad people can put the into Google translator and we can have multilingual BoD. Even possibly include all of the languages into one copy of the game. also, I copied Cody's Levels 2 into my internal memory but the game deleted it instead. I'm not sure how much space there was on the PalmCard, but it may have not had enough roon.
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