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Bike or Die v1.5 (release candidate) is here!

everyone knows what new features can be expected in this version (see  3 Years on Bike!), so just click here and download:
(there is a little "v15 testpack" in the package, containing several simple v1.5 levels so you can start learning new tricks)
please report all bugs you can find

but that's not everything - there is also a brand new level editor able to create portals and sticky surfaces:
(later i will make some documentation on portals, this is the most complicated level element that not always works as one might expect - for now just learn from experimentation and the included v15 testpack )

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UPDATE: Bike or Design crash bug fixed! download v1.3a here
UPDATE#2: i made the new version - BikeOrDie-1.5test2
  • improved camera handling (kristopher was right! )
  • switching the zoom works correctly even when there is no game in progress
  • ghost bike is visible on the map  Ghost
  • "function" button confirms the congratulations window (zodiac)
    Lee, as stated earlier by Sz (different thread), the physics are made so the portals move the ground, not the bike. So unlike Updrafts, where it seems that each wheel is either in the Updraft or not, portals are very accurate. If it looks like your wheel is in three different places, then the physics really consider the ground at all three places of the map. (The display doesn't lie. )
    Don't Dissagree with you Kris, but when there is an "inversion" of the bike, then I certainly feel like, if I pull a wheelie immediately before, or immediately after the camera shift, then the otation of the bike is transposed as well.
    Maybe it's just me (trying to get my head around it)
    thanks for testing, everyone!

    it seems that the TX crash bug is the most serious one.
    does it also happen without the level editor? (just playing the v15 testpack?)

    the case with just one portal is in fact illegal and should be filtered out by the editor, so if it only crashes on such cases it is nothing to worry (i will make the editor warn of such cases).

    some useful tips that could help me finding the bug:
  • please send your level that crashes the game (email to
  • you can try the secret code "arm" (+enter) to disable the arm optimization then enter the portal and see if it changes the behavior (especially the T|X case)

    btw. there is a "zoom" secret code
  • Sz
    another interesting thing to test is if the crash is related to the angle of the portal. diagonal portals use additional means for rendering the partial bike shape, so if the vertical and horizontal portals don't crash it would mean i only need to look for the bug in the diagonal drawing code.

    portals actually work by transforming the bike location (in the previous thread i meant that it is easy to understand the interaction with the ground by imagining it is the ground that transforms, not the bike. sorry for the confusion ).
    the mirror portal reverses the bike direction as well, so hitting the left/right button before or after entering the portal yields very different effect (i.e. reversed).
    and yes, the camera position reflects what bike is under the direct control (so the other one have reversed controls in case of the mirror portals), in some rare wicked cases it can be difficult to tell which one is which (eg. the horizontal mirror in the Hall of Mirrors) but usually this is not a problem after some training (showing a different colour might help, but wouldn't this spoil the look?)

    the camera jump vs. smooth: actually, i started with the smooth transitions in the first version, but it was even more frustrating! this might be because the instant jump keeps the bike centered all the time (while the ground skips), whereas the smooth transition shifts everything and you lose precious miliseconds tracking the bike
    this is completely unacceptable on long distance teleports, but perhaps some people would prefer this behavior on closely located portals (like mirrors - but on the other hand, it removes the "camera location" clue on which bike is controlled at the moment). i think i will make this configurable.
    Nope, the V1.5 test pack works excellent. I haven't had any problems with the actual BoD 1.5, It's just been crashing with the level editor. Also, it may be possible that I'm not "linking" portals correctly. It's a little confusing though, but not impossible to understand, so it could be that it sees to portals with them going no where... but, I don't know.

    Will there be a way to make more than 8 portal links in the future? Like, instead of pressing a number, you just type one in?

    Thanks again!
    nice to hear it only happens in the editor. perhaps we don't have to wait any longer before launching the new Hall of Fame levels

    later today i will publish the new version of the editor which will be able to verify the portal configuration, i hope this will protect you from crashing.

    the current level format allows for max 16 unique portals, i use only 8 and the one extra bit is reserved for future extensions (so i might add 8 more links od some other portal options).
    you should dfinetly release it today!!! well not today but sometime soon and we should all know when you will so people can make sure they have time to at least download it.
    Sz should simply release it when it's ready.

    He can't be asked to make allowance for when this person or that has access to his palm, internet, the time, or otherwise, etc... When it's ready it's ready. What about the other 100s of people waiting for it...should be fun...
    mike flips
    I agree with you Lee. It seems like i go in one way and come out another way But thats just part of the fun now
    my palm (zire 72)the editor messes up to about the same as bombermans. theis is great sz besides the editor,so is the sectet code actuly "zoom"and you wrote it that way to confuse us(if you did I doubt u would tell me but oh well.....)let the new version out today sunday that is before 9:00 centrall time
    hey what dues the "arm" code do? I typed it in put all that happend was it made my palm go really slow..
    "arm" makes the game do not use the optimized version of certain routines. it is not useful for anything except finding bugs
    as for the camera handling, i tried the smooth camera movement now and it works very nice for close range portals! (i think i was playing mostly long distance teleports previously, that's why it was awful. and there was no "zoom out" at the time ).
    so, the new version can use both methods depending on the distance, this is probably the best possible solution.
    see also the new secret code "cam"
    i wanted to delay the new hall of fame levelpack because of the bugs (that could prevent some players from taking part in the competition) but now it seems that only the level editor was affected.

    the next golden club deadline is in 4 1/2 hours.
    i will enable the new levelpack slightly after that time so you have 24 hours until the next deadline.

    prepare for battle!
    So does BikeOrDie-1.5test2 contain the actual submitable HoF pack, it just won't be accepted by the server until later? Or will there be another download in 4 hours or so?
    I want to prepare for battle...
    I'm glad the smooth camera motion worked.
    I can't wait for the new competition.
    Ibanez: I don't think the Hall of Fame levelpack is available yet.
    Th-Champ: nice movies.
    Vega: too bad you're missing this.
    finally -  Bike or Die v1.5 released!

    and there was one more bug: the portal placed close to the level boundary could wrongly kill you if entered head first with the sufficiently high velocity (this has happened to me in "sixpack squared" at least twice).
    this is how it looks before and after correcting.

    so i guess you should updrade to the final v1.5
    Well done Sz - you've taken BoD to the next level - loving all the new stuff. Congrats!! 3 Cheers for Sz
    ©2008 Szymon Ulatowski @ TOYSPRING