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3 Years on Bike!

"Bike or Die!" is 3 years old!

See how the Hall of Fame evolved during that time:
Part 1 (2004-2005) Part 2 (2005-2006) Part 3 (2006-2007)

Congratulations to everyone who appeared in top 50 this year! (I didn't make it, my best rank was 54 )

And later this week I'm going to announce my new plans for the further development. (In short: this is going to be the best game ever )

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SZ: Any news on the new version/pack?
update: the new v1.5 levelpack is ready!

i'm just testing the server software (as the submission system and the flash generator must be updated to support v1.5 features). it seems that everything works so far and there will be no further delays

i think i will release v1.5 "beta" tomorrow so we can see if there are no compatibility problems with various devices. and then, during the weekend the new hall of fame battle can begin!

and for now some examples from the freshly updated flash generator:
Hall of Mirrors - take 2 portals, combine and you get a mirror!
Cliffhanger - probably the most frustrating level in the pack (played 54 times, completed 1)
MAN! How excited am I now?
Great Work Sz - Can we use your email address for paypal donations - looks like you deserve a BEER!
Good call, Lee.

Great job, Sz!
oh man im gonna be 3 days behind i wish we would release monday but oh well
They are some cool features - I can see some strange and disturbing levels in our future(in a good way)

Well done Sz, I'll buy you a beer too....
Seriously SZ, you never cease to amaze me. Very well done.

I am with Lee. We have all been getting the best deal ever with free upgrades. I would gladly give you a little bonus for a job well done. Let us know your paypal address.

i would give sz some money but i dont have a credit card and sending it trough the mail to poland means a ridiculous stamp cost plus export mail is opened and checked a lot. but if i ever get a credit card i will gladly give sz some more money
Very amazing! Looks like I should submit my new Golds soon.

BTW, if you place two portals right above each other, so that the Bike falls into the lower one, and appears at the upper one, won't the biker be stuck and keep falling faster?
huh..... that is definetly true. oh though that could be a cool idea to make a pit so that a player must make this gap or just keep falling until you restart.

kris get on chat
OMG SZ! Your so awesome Now bike or die will be really confusing BUT ITS WORTH IT! Your great sz. Dont start changin
mike flips
Ive told him a few times to give us a paypal so we can donate. I guess i could just buy another copy of the game but i dont know if he gets all the money from that.
Nope; he only gets 60% from PalmGear and Handango, and 75% from ClickGamer. I think those big sites are rather extortionist.
I have to agree with kris, about big sites, but without them he might not have as much bizness,GREAT JOB SZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!the new version is going to be awsome!!!!!,maby ill get a fare chance at this pack since its starting I may be able to(temorarily)get a few golds!
rats! I just remeberd that I can;t get this till sunday(my home cmputer is o slow for palm stuff)now im upset oh well im a little better off than bones I gess,
sz, do you think in bike or design 1.3 you could add a resizing tool? (please)
thank you guys!
my paypal account is in case someone wants to donate some $$$
and yes, there is a resizing tool in v1.3!

(it's weird that i implemented rotating but not resizing in earlier versions )
omg sz, your so awesome I would donate moneh but I'm a broke 13 year old trying to get through school Once I do get money though, I'll donate. THANKS SO MUCH SZ *crying moment*
pickle has the last word!!!! lol
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