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Bike or Die v1.5 released!

Bike or Die v1.5 introduces several new features in level design, gameplay and the user experience:
  • sticky surfaces
  • portals
  • dynamic checkpoints and obstacles (appear/disappear during the game)
  • zoom out for a wider view
  • and more!

    Download: BikeOrDie v1.5

    Along with the release of v1.5, the new levelpack has been added to the online competition.
    Play  Supernatural, get know the mindbending portals and the treacherous sticky grounds!

    awsome its finaly here I cant get it till tomoro
    Sz, please make BoD stateful. I hate to restart the game, when I mostly done the level but some bastard just called me in that moment ;/
    Is there a level editor to take advantage of the new features?
    yes, but there is no new documentation yet so i don't call it the official version.
    Download: BikeOrDesign-1.3a.prc
    WOW, You've outdone yourself here! I know I won't be sleeping tonight

    Can't wait for your documentation on the level editor.
    One odd thing I'm noticing with the Level Editor is that the bottom most floor of the level is NEVER solid. Even on the default box of a blank level, I test it and fall to my death as if the floor is not there.

    I'm on a Tungsten E
    I'm also experiencing that weird problem, occasionally. On some levels I have made, certain parts of the ground (not necessarily on the bottom, or facing any particular direction), will have my tire slip through, like it's hitting a block or something, but going through still. this problem usually causes me to die. The ground is clearly short enough to not have the error of "long line segments", so I have no clue what's up...

    Still awesome game though. The problem hasn't been THAT bad, I guess...

    I was also wondering if we could have the option to have INCREDIBLY sticky surfaces, as I sometimes fall off really easily on some of the levels I have made, while I'm upside down.

    BoD 1.5 crashes on my Palm T|X when started in fullscreen mode. I can start and play BoD starting it with visible DIA though and switch to fullscreen+rotate then.
    I think some other players have used this on a T|X without any problems. Do you have any idea why it crashed? Do you use a custom launcher, run from the SD card, or have any hacks running that might affect the game?
    I have to specify the reproduction step to have BoD crash on startup on my Palm T|X:
    BoD only crashes when I switch the launcher (no 3rd party launcher) to landscape fullscreen (hidden DIA) before launching BoD. Portrait fullscreen or portrait/landscape with DIA do not carry to a crash of BoD on my device.

    When BoD runs, I can swith to portrait/landscape and fullscreen without problems.

    If others can not reproduce this issue on their T|X, I will make a backup and see if I can reproduce this behavior with a fresh BoD install on a clean T|X.

    Is designer v1.3a the one to use now?
    I don't know why but I deleted and re-registered the app on my Palm and Bike or Design 1.3a works beautifully now.

    Where do we submit new level packs again?
    when i test a level on 1.3 design, my zire 31 crashes... sucks, but cool anyways! 1.5 die works!
    I belive it or not can't think of that many ideas for levels with the new feture I gess i'm not very creativeI still can't seem to make a good pickle level tho..........
    How do you use the zoom out?
    You can use the Display Options dialog.
    I don't see it on options: display.
    Do you have a hi-res Palm?
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