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11. Malysz (2662)
13. Floors (2820)
19. U Jump (2137)
 New Deal (2609)
 Old School (2247)
 BikeForce (1252)

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#1 Vega2818 pts
#2 mike flips2741 pts
(77 pts behind Vega)
#3 Andrew A2639 pts
(102 pts behind mike flips)
#4 Shane2631 pts
(8 pts behind Andrew A)
#5 Mr Floss2470 pts
(161 pts behind Shane)
#6 BikerBrian2465 pts
(5 pts behind Mr Floss)
#7 Laser2407 pts
(58 pts behind BikerBrian)
#8 Kamirashi2401 pts
(6 pts behind Laser)
#9 Kristopher2399 pts
(2 pts behind Kamirashi)
#10 PMD2383 pts
(16 pts behind Kristopher)
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Probably SZ no?
SZ I think - BTW what happened to the old cool crazy flier avatar?? Bring it back!
You Qi
you mean Lee? yea yea! bring it back! lol!
Yeah sorry - I meant Lee's old crazy avatar - where is it? What's with this new found model look? Rubbish I tell you!
Once upon a time, i made it to 3rd place in this level...
Once upon a time, i become number one in this level...
Well done Oliver - fully deserved mate
thnx, but i know this won't take long...
You Qi
I give up. I have opened all my non-gold medal's replays. Well Done Oliver! this year maybe I will not be so frequent playing this game coz my big exam is coming...
you qi, you were able to beat me in level 14, you're really good, i bet it will take a long time if that record could be beaten. also nice one on level 25...
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