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11. Malysz (2662)
13. Floors (2821)
19. U Jump (2138)
 New Deal (2612)
 Old School (2249)
 BikeForce (1253)

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#1 Andrew A2873 pts
#2 Vega2824 pts
(49 pts behind Andrew A)
#3 mike flips2707 pts
(117 pts behind Vega)
#4 Shane2598 pts
(109 pts behind mike flips)
#5 Kamirashi2509 pts
(89 pts behind Shane)
#6 Mr Floss2452 pts
(57 pts behind Kamirashi)
#7 BikerBrian2436 pts
(16 pts behind Mr Floss)
#8 Kristopher2380 pts
(56 pts behind BikerBrian)
#9 Laser2379 pts
(1 pts behind Kristopher)
#10 PMD2358 pts
(21 pts behind Laser)
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Mr Floss
btw, if any of you obsessive compulsive bike or die fans wanna add me to facebook feel free... It's to search for me using my e-mail addy...
Lifehacker recently ran an article about speeding up old iOS devices You should take a look.
Carl China
v1.3c v1.3g and v1.3h are not gone
Mr Floss
I haven't been able to watch a race for the past month. Is something wrong with this website? My computer, my brothers computer, my work computer, my friends computer... Nothing works so it is clearly this website. What's up? Now I can't steal your guys' tricks on each level... : ( jk!
I just tried from my Android, and it works fine. Pretty sure it worked last week on my laptop using Chrome.
Mine quit working on my MacBook Pro using Safari. However, it still works on my PC computer using IE.
I just downloaded Chrome for the Mac and the videos of the races work great now.
Mr Floss
Ok, maybe that's the problem, but super weird either way. Firefox doesn't seem to allow this website to work properly, and the same thing with Safari. I'll try Internet Explorer or Chrome, hopefully that's the problem. Thanks!
I just tried watching a replay and the loading always stops. I'm using Firefox on Win7. Recently I did an update on Adobe Flash. It might not be the website, but the newest Flash player. Iunno. :/
Mr Floss
Google Chrome works perfectly for watching races, but nothing else works. So try Google El Chromo and that should do the el tricko Champ.
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