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11. Malysz (2662)
13. Floors (2820)
19. U Jump (2138)
 New Deal (2611)
 Old School (2248)
 BikeForce (1252)

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#1 Andrew A2878 pts
#2 Vega2804 pts
(74 pts behind Andrew A)
#3 mike flips2711 pts
(93 pts behind Vega)
#4 Shane2600 pts
(111 pts behind mike flips)
#5 Kamirashi2497 pts
(103 pts behind Shane)
#6 Mr Floss2454 pts
(43 pts behind Kamirashi)
#7 BikerBrian2438 pts
(16 pts behind Mr Floss)
#8 Kristopher2382 pts
(56 pts behind BikerBrian)
#9 Laser2381 pts
(1 pts behind Kristopher)
#10 PMD2360 pts
(21 pts behind Laser)
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You Qi
thx. but both of them are not a perfect game yet... still a gap on it..
You Qi
perhaps now is time for you to try other level packs!
i'll also be busy for the coming weeks, but i have it already on my palm, i'll just surprise you...hehe...thnx...have a good year to all...
Hey guys I accomplished a personal milestone today - I overtook SDIL in the standard levels - something I never thought I'd be able to do! I also bumped him off the top 10 oops
You Qi
congratulation Dags!
well done dags! OLIVER!! YOU CHANGED UR PIC!! I don't know about anyone else, but personally i preferred the other one
but how come my picture remains the same...
well, i can view my new pic on internet explorer but not on mozilla firefox which is the one i'm always using...don't know why ... well sena, i just feel i wan't to change my'll like it after sometime...hehe
I finally made the top ten! Thanks to all who's recordings helped me get here.
Congratulations Smalls! Always good to beat a personal milestone
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