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18. Touch Bricks
in  Standard Levels
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#1 Mr Floss0:17,18
121 pts
#2 Vega0:17,26
116 pts
#3 Andrew A0:17,42
112 pts
ViewOne of my most deeply disliked levels - as was!

Once I finally bit the bullet and took the time to actually find a way to get a relatively consistent beginning, the annoyance factor diminished (somewhat).

The ending is still far too stupidly random, but a bit less so with some hard acquired strategies to follow (necessarily too vague to be called moves or techniques). There is a modicum of control now, as opposed to non - blind luck!

I feel that Gold here is a real possibility, but my change of heart is not so radical that I want to play this level again. Ever (probably).

Just plain tea for this one.
#4 Smalls0:17,58
109 pts
SecretDifferent route from the others I have seen...maybe I will work on it someday and see if it's faster...
#5 PMD0:17,66
107 pts
#6 Demi0:18,46
105 pts
#7 BigBadBrad50:17,92
103 pts
#8 Oliver0:17,94
101 pts
#9 Kamirashi0:18,42
99 pts
#10 mike flips0:18,60
97 pts
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@Mr Floss: As Laser said, you should start by simply completing and submitting all levels. This will boost you way up the charts. Then you can begin focusing on improving each levelpack one at a time.
Mr Floss
Thanks Laser/Brian, but yeah, I'll need a lot of time to start approaching that rank, but soon...! I love this annoyingly fun game! Not sure how much time I've spent playing on my iPhone, but it definitely beats "Cut the Rope' or "Catan" or all of the other games I have on it etc... Getting a great rank takes either incredible luck or a great deal of time/patience and dedication... But it doesn't get boring... I'll probably move to the other levelpacks eventually but still working on all of these standard levels...
Mr Floss
btw, you guys are flippin' amazing at this game... seriously...
Amazing... maybe; overcoming an addiction... definitely.
Laser, are you saying that you are amazing or addicted (or both)?
Mr Floss
I'll allow viewing of my run soon here. Just wait about 10 years....!
A gold in Standard is amazing. Great job. I thought about recommending that you give other level packs a try, but that would likely mean doom for some of my golds. Maybe you should keep focusing on Standard .
Mr Floss
I've looked through all of the other level packs and the amount of time I'd have to spend just trying to pass a level, let alone trying to perfect a single level... Yikes! I know for a fact that my time on touchbricks can be beaten, as my start on this level was really slow, but there's a little trick on how to end this level properly. So I don't really want to show how I finished so nobody can beat my time for awhile. I feel like showing how I completed the level will give Vega some motivation to take his #1 position back...!
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