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3. Double Sprint
in  Standard Levels
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#1 Andrew A0:19,56
121 pts
ViewOk - not 30 to 40 frames as you say Vega, but .3 to .4 of a second is possible (though very very difficult).

I reverted to an easier, more consistent start method - just to practice the turnaround, and this popped out within about 5 runs! This start really does set you up better for the turnaround, but I gave up about .3 of a sec to Champ at one point.

The drive all the way back is pretty difficult to get, but much, much quicker, no?

#2 Champ0:19,58
116 pts
ViewSee what a little determination can do
#3 Shane0:19,60
112 pts
#4 Xuzz0:19,64
109 pts
ViewYES ! I could probably take gold with this route, but Champ would want it back and I am very bored of Double Sprint after playing it for a whole week straight...

BTW Vega, is this your trick ?
#5 Kamirashi0:19,78
107 pts
#6 Vega0:19,80
105 pts
#7 Kristopher0:19,94
103 pts
ViewAmazing luck.
#8 Mr Floss0:20,08
101 pts
#9 mike flips0:20,28
99 pts
ViewToo bad your offer still isnt open Vega!
#10 daledude0:20,32
97 pts
ViewIs amazing, no?
Ok, now you can see...
You Qi
< 23sec seems hard for me.
I hate this stage, can't seem to get it right. Arg!
21,72 but can't submit!
Carl China
top 10 are fighting!
u now guys someday maybe i will be up there. today, is my second day on this game. but i love it!!!!
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