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25. Pipe Universe
in  Standard Levels
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#1 Laser0:45,66
121 pts
#2 Andrew A0:46,90
116 pts
ViewRubbish ending, but hey - it's a Silver!

Will do for the moment.
#3 mike flips0:47,02
112 pts
#4 Vega0:47,46
109 pts
#5 BikerBrian0:47,46
109 pts
#6 Cirenco0:48,28
107 pts
#7 Kamirashi0:48,32
105 pts
#8 Shane0:48,60
103 pts
#9 Kristopher0:48,78
101 pts
ViewI just played this a few minutes on my T3, so I wasn't expecting a medal.
My route up to the flag at the bottom right wasn't planned, and I don't think I can repeat it.
#10 Tyler0:48,86
99 pts
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actually i just tried and the only way is to do a wheelie into a push with your font wheel to get over the next pipe segment
mike flips
... i tried it a lot a while back, i never managed to get over, the closest i got was my front wheel to hook onto the pipe thing but then i would just spring back leftwords...

if there is a way of getting over, it is doing the spring thing but breaking in a way like eruption in sweet fifteen. I dont think its doable... but you never know.
mike flips
the first touchbricks new method didnt come out until after i submitted my freestyle in which my bike hooked onto the top and rode for a bit...
mike flips
Schneider, what happened to your revolution you were gonna start?
i was wandering about that a while ago as well. i still think it is possible
mike flips
everyone is taking standard golds today, what about the fabled trick on this level that will get 3x.xx
It is only "fabled" so far. Cirenco explained it perfectly (above) and Kris drew it out accurately in drawing #1 on his link

There is no way to gather the speed or the bounce/jump needed to clear the barrier. Simply put, nobody has ever completed this level making the end flag anything other the the far left corner or very bottom flag. Once you enter that area, you stay in that area
Smalls tells me he has done the other route but not with a good time. Schneider claimed it, but I think Smalls is the one that did it.

Smalls? You around? Set the record straight.
mike flips
of kris's drawings, the one where you hang and then get over - like in "eruption" is really unlikely because of the angle you hit.

And jumping over that part, even at the fastest speed is not possible.... id love to see it done.
I went from my worst rank of all levels to my best rank in Standard.
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