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15. Downhill Madness
in  Standard Levels
Pages: 1...10 ...20 ...30 ...3170 ...3180 ...3183
#1 Andrew A0:10,92
121 pts
ViewA completely new route. Nothing remotely like any other route.

Not even a bit

All will be revealed later.
#2 keith0:11,02
116 pts
#3 BikerBrian0:11,02
116 pts
ViewGold medal time, but I can be happy with silver .
#4 Tyler0:11,04
112 pts
#5 The Veenk0:11,06
109 pts
#6 _alex_0:11,06
109 pts
Viewcurse u veenk!!!
i would have had gold
#7 Gus0:11,06
109 pts
ViewThis is no longer stupid. Thx keith!
#8 mike flips0:11,06
109 pts
#9 Vega0:11,06
109 pts
ViewWell folks... (yes, the massive audience that frequents this forum ) I am now the only person to hold a place on the first page of every level in the Standard Pack. That is to say... a TOP 10 rank.

Now, it is worth noting that this level is my worst rank at #9, but I get bronze points since everybody and their grandmother is tied on this silly map.

My worst points on any standard level is equivalent to 7th place at 103 points.

And I am not even finished...
#10 Champ0:11,08
107 pts
24 comments on 3 pages: <<<< 1 2 3
I can get 18xx without the trick.
theres to much chance involved hereI hate chance levels!I hate themit seems like I would have to try this around 2000 times to get a top 30 time!yuck!much to repetitive for me,ill save this one for last I gess
Mr. p., get on chat!
Pickle, your "true rank" on this level (based on the Compare_BoD stats) is 22. Of course my rank is 19
hmm I never thought about it like that....maby il get it to 18 then leave it.....
Carl China
 Spencer on Downhill Madness
mike flips
Forced off the first page, and with a time that wasnt the same as others.

How about that Vega? Should we shoot for the elusive 10.

mike flips
Just realized its also our only times not top 10 :O
mike flips
Wow, triple post, but i just saw the textures on this level. Amazing, I don't think I have even played this level since before ghosts were available, maybe my ghost will help
oh Mike... there is no question that we have to redo this level.
Too many people are finding ways to get a medal.
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