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Bike or Die - Android

Do you have plans to port it to Android? It would be AWESOME! =D


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80GB in storage memory is from, like 1999 or something. Surely nobody on BoD with an advanced Palm device is using a home pc with only 80GB of storage. The baseline models nowadays come with 320GB at the very very least. Mine standard level HP from 2 years came with 500GB.
You mean you've never heard of the 27GB DDR6 chips? I got 3.
Hey Spence, you really have to look at who is talking. It's pickle, he uses a "ridiculously souped up" #3 pencil for his tests in school.
I was being serious, lol my computer literally has 80 gb of ram,lol. Technicly not mine it's my brothers. It costed him ALOT. But he is into gaming he tends to have like 10-15 windows open at once( not exsaddurating) the things do fast it almost feels like program start before you even click them..

Like I said it's ridiculasly souped up... It's the only computer I have heard of having that much, my bro had it specially made...
unless he has a server pickle, that's not even possible. He probably has one on these. /Product/Product.aspx ?Item=N82E16820167016& cm_re=intel_x25-m-_-20-167-016-_-Product
Vega: My computer is a laptop from 2k7 and it has a 80gb HDD.

Then again I have a 1TB external drive .

Also, pickle, that is NOT possible on a personal computer.

The Droid could run BoD fine if it didn't have the requirement of Java.

Here is what I really want to know...

My question:
If I am holding a Droid in my hands, can I play Bike or Die on it?
Of course not, unless Sz bothers to port BoD to it .
It took more than a month for the first reply, i thought no one liked the idea! lol!

Can you please comment a request from a 2005's user? =)
Yeah, I'm on a Droid now too. Sz, I'll buy again if it's ported to Android! Or let us know if you write anything for the droid.
Add me to the petition! I'm a recent android convert and must say its the bee's knees. Well, except for the missing Bike or Die app of course.

Any chance? Pretty please, Sz.
And add one more to the list. As of yesterday I switched my phone from a Treo 755p to an Android (HTC Hero). I'll keep the Treo for BOD, but it would be great to play on the droid.

Plz, with cherry on top, Sz.
Ahh yes, alas the droid finaly Bike Or die.
I'm sure there is an android NDK that supports native code (c). Might not be as hard as originally thought. It all depends on making it worthwhile for Sz sounds like he's not very interested as of now... but with 100,000 new android users daily, there's no doubt that android will be really big! I LOVE my nexus one. It's missing only one thing - BoD
Ok so I am going to ask start this up again here. People do some super tricky stuff with apps all the time so I just cannot resist re-opening this topic.

My question above kinda sounded stupid (only because of Xuzz's reply ) but I am still wondering, and I will word it a bit differently...

Even if Sz does not build a Droid app... is there any way that the Droid can somehow support this game? Is there anyone out there that know how to 'make it happen', with some tricky workaround or adapter or program?

The only instance in which I would fully withdrawal this request, is if Sz himself actually has a problem with this... almost like me asking is a like a 'slap in the face' to him in some way business wise or something like that... as if we would be 'stealing' the game. I don't think that is the case, since opening up to the Android market brings a whole new swarm of potential new bikers. As you can tell, I am pretty ignorant with this stuff. Ignorant, yes... but optimistic too!

Anyway... I have yet to see Sz chime in on this. Seriously, one of the biggest reasons I haven't jumped on with Droid yet is the lack of BoD possibility. Is there ANY way at all to have BoD on an Android phone?

Probably not, Vega. It's possible that someone could create a Palm OS emulator, but that'd be a whole lot of work for little benefit.

Looks great on the iPhone 4, though .
Well I just traded in my mostly broken Centro for a Droid Incredible. I may trade in for a Droid X when it comes out in a few weeks. I resisted upgrading for a while because of BoD, but I finally just had to upgrade. I may come back and play a bit until the Centro gives out completely, but would love to see BoD get ported or emulated on Android. It's open source, so I'm sure we could get something running on there.
Yah well I think Apple's response to the iphone4 issue is utterly ridiculous and unacceptable. I don't care if it cost Apple $50 million to fix the problem, they need to take the hit and offer fixes. Apple's market cap is over $200B and Steve Jobs has more money than God. The fact that they are just telling everyone not to hold the phone is a major fail.
mike flips
Do you guys think the iPhone Signal problem is actually just a miscalculation in their software or is it hardware related? I'm planning on grabbing one when I get back to Canada but now i'm a bit scared to. But I don't want a treo anymore... It's just way too old school.

Vega so u went ahead with the droid? I remember we went back and forth on droid vs iPhone for a while. I got an itouch with my MacBook pro and have been using it a lot recently. Pretty easy to use and so many apps - although i am just not cut out to play bike or die on it, I crave those hard keys
I got an iPhone 4 on release day. I love it for the most part. The screen is incredible. It actually gets a signal in places that my 3Gs doesn't (unless you hold it in the wrong position). Facetime video chatting is very cool. Folders provide a great way to organize apps. I now have only 2 screens instead of 10.

To answer your question Mike, no I don't think it has anything to do with software - seems to be strictly a hardware issue. I think they are just stalling until they find a solution. I agree with Vega that they need to make it right somehow. I'm very tempted to return mine and wait for the next version.

Btw, sorry to see you back . I've enjoyed my 15 mins (actually almost 15 days) of fame...
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