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Hall of Fame News

 BikeForce has been added to the Hall of Fame. This means 13 new gold medals and numerous opportunities to outrun your competitors!

BikeForce looks best in Bike or Die 2 but it is also playable in the old Bike or Die v1.x.

Do you prefer freestyle over time trial racing? The new competition has just started:  Final Frontier "To boldly go where no one has gone before..." - the goal is to reach seemingly inaccessible location in some level.
More about Freestyle

Awesome Sz!!! These levels are awesome Looking forward for some more competition.

BTW SZ, I sent you an email a while ago I guess you never got it but my friends need a password for their accounts (Ice21 and WiiPerson) cuz the HoF thingy on my phone won't be accepted Thanks Sz. Keep being my idol
mike flips
Ahhh, I'm leaving now for a few days. Hopefully my phone will work, i'm so lucky I noticed this in time.
Bird's Eye won't submit - says Unknown level! These are new recordings from the latest pack download so don't know what's up...
Awsome! But i thought PiNerd said he was doing a second draft?
Hmm... Err, I will if Sz disables it and then I can do it for tomorrow.
PiNerd, isn't it good enough by now?
Were there any major changes to make?
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