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Bike or Design v1.5

New features:
  • Textures

  • Picture Editor

  • "Copy & Paste" can now handle multiple objects and can copy objects between levels
  • "Copy & Paste" colors (activate by pressing and holding the stylus on the color field)

    Download Bike or Design v1.5

    Read more about Picture Editor and Textures

    WoW! Awesome!!!!
    Nice, I'm impressed that you spent the time to make a drawing tool. Perhaps this could be etracted into a stand-alone drawing tool for normal use? I would have just left it at the import images feature, as drawings made in this toll will probably not be very impressive. I may even continue to just use Bird/RsrcEdit for Bitmaps.
    Now that the copy and paste feature is implemented, I can combine all the standard levels into one!
    Copy from feature doesn't work Sz.

    There won't be enough vertices to fit all the standard levels in. That is the bane of my level design.
    Assuming the vertex limit is purely artificial, I think it is time to change it (maybe x10).
    I just hope the new levels won't crash on old versions of Bike or Die, if they have too many points.
    I agree with more vertex's I could make a ultra long auto level(I love thos!)
    oh yes one more thing,coule you make it to so that when you copy and paste,you can copy in ground textures and then past in ground?because you see put alot of work into making a cool signature oncewhen the beta version first came out,and now I would like to see how it looks as 3d ground as aposed to a 2d shape....
    Actually, an autolevel would be fun in the HoF...see how people try and get about  XA Software L4
    Or a fully auto level
    Ok, It's got to be a problem with my palm, because this version doesn't work either
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