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Bike or Die 2.0d - Meet the biker girl!

What's new in version 2.0d:

  • supports 320x480 in Sony Clie
  • "Next Level" tells you to complete a level before going further instead of just ignoring you
  • background music is stopped when a "foreign" window appears on the screen (eg. incoming call on treo)
  • biker girl character
    (see: menu -> options -> bike)

    Download Bike or Die version 2.0d

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    Be honest, how many of you are thinking back to my naked biker post now?

    It'll probably be like taking the clothes off a Barbie (I never did that as a kid... honest). Plus, that would be demeaning to bikergirl .
    Revolutionary! But know I'll almost feel bad killing her over and over... But anyways this defiantly confirms my decision to make a Metroid level
    i mean, *but now*
    @spence: PM me, i want to make metroid levels too
    Lol! I saw this one coming. brian,get your mind out of the gutter!

    Great job sz!
    Wow! Thats nice
    Carl China
    @Sz: Why some people found the registeration code on the PC but enter it that cautions Wrong code Adder that write sweep?
    Carl China
    Carl China
    Carl China
    Carl China
     Report a bug
    Carl China
    How about games?  Tester on Riding School
    Carl China
    Levels? Give some  halfpipe
    Carl China
    Players? 2572
    Carl China
    Carl China
    Badlink! 2572
    Carl China
    Oh no forum was broken!!!
    carl china i dont mean to be rude but I THINK I SPEAK FOR ALL BoD PLAYERS WHEN I SAY EXPLAIN YOUR POSTS NOW OR WE WILL TRY TO TAKE SOME FORM OF ACTION (not really sure we can do anything lol)
    hmm,I dont really want to try to ban him or anything but...I still dont know,as I said I belive he is translating from chinese, perhaps someone could translate boneses post there and make it chinese so carl could understand? or perhaps some one could suggest some better translating site....or maby I am wrong all together!
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