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Old School
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#1 Andrew A1714 pts
#2 Kristopher1653 pts
(61 pts behind Andrew A)
#3 Kamirashi1628 pts
(25 pts behind Kristopher)
#4 Vega1622 pts
(6 pts behind Kamirashi)
#5 Xuzz1622 pts
(0 pts behind Vega)
#6 BikerBrian1563 pts
(59 pts behind Xuzz)
#7 mike flips1527 pts
(36 pts behind BikerBrian)
#8 casey1450 pts
(77 pts behind mike flips)
#9 Tyler1432 pts
(18 pts behind casey)
#10 Shane1427 pts
(5 pts behind Tyler)
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Note: Make sure you have the final version of this levelpack (delete the old one if you tried the preliminary, non-Hall of Fame versions)
and my first comment is that the sequence should be different... a novice player would not see anything except first 2 levels while the next few levels are very easy. i vote for moving the first 4 levels after "christmas". what do you think?
Sz.... just go ahead and make the order of levels whatever you think is best. No problem

The easiest levels to complete in this pack (in no particular order) are The Default Cave, Red Sox 1, Hill Marathon, Like a Glove and Christmas
let's evaluate the difficulty level using the levelpack explorer's difficulty rating! then i will reorder the levels with regard to the results.
Sweet - I just submitted my ratings. I have never used this rating before. I like it
How many votes are you going to wait for before deciding the final order? Also, is there a way we can see how many people have rated the levels?
i think it should definetley have the easier level first and then a toughy so they have to skip around if they cant beat it. also sz since changes wil have to be made to both packs will you submit new ones and let us know when they are updated or just plain out make new packs?
currently there are 4 votes for each level - i think this is quite meaningful and i'm preparing the HoF update.
the levelpack will be replaced with the final version when the HoF moment happens (probably within 24 hours). of course everyone with the "game updates" checkbox enabled in the profile will be notified by email.

btw. it would help me a lot if someone could send me a set of (completed) recordings from levels of this pack. previously some newly added levels were intially rejected by the server because of the insufficient testing... i'd like to avoid such unpleasant situation
Kris is the one with access to all the recordings of all levels since it's on the site he created.
the three leading levels in this pack are save the princess, welcome to the jungle, and rock climber with 4 and one fourth each.
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