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12. Snake (532)
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Old School
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#1 Andrew A1714 pts
#2 Kristopher1653 pts
(61 pts behind Andrew A)
#3 Kamirashi1628 pts
(25 pts behind Kristopher)
#4 Vega1622 pts
(6 pts behind Kamirashi)
#5 Xuzz1622 pts
(0 pts behind Vega)
#6 BikerBrian1563 pts
(59 pts behind Xuzz)
#7 mike flips1527 pts
(36 pts behind BikerBrian)
#8 casey1450 pts
(77 pts behind mike flips)
#9 Tyler1432 pts
(18 pts behind casey)
#10 Shane1427 pts
(5 pts behind Tyler)
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Note: Make sure you have the final version of this levelpack (delete the old one if you tried the preliminary, non-Hall of Fame versions)
ha. good luck xuzz.
Top five in every level, and I'm still 20 points behind. Wow.

 Shane vs. 2 others
For that, I can see now how Kris got his time. I've been whole bikes ahead of that ghost, and I was ahead in that one until hitting the wall.
The trick is focusing on a gold that either Vega or Kris has, so that they move down by five points, and you move up by at least that (depending on your previous rank.

If you want to kill two birds with one stone, go for Like a Glove, where they're both tied for first. There are also a few where one is in first and the other in second.
All you need to do to take over the first place spot in Old School is get gold in Like a Glove (as Laser suggested), as well as in a couple more (Snake and Red Sox for example). Watching the H2H of Vega and Kris on Like a Glove show that it could go more than half a second faster than the current gold time.

Good luck!
Ah, this is my levelpack.
"If you want to kill two birds with one stone, go for Like a Glove, where they're both tied for first."

Done. What now?
Nice! At this point, you'll already pass Vega with any level, so go for Kris' golds- if you can figure out Red Sox 1, you'll almost be there.
I wish we could "Like" comments, because I would like Xuzz's last comment. As for what now, I vote Freestyle. Watching Kenn and Vega shows that it can go 0.25 secs faster than the current gold. When you get this gold, you will only lack 8 pts to have gold in the pack.

Go for it!
13 points.
Keep it up, you're almost there. Taking gold in Hill Marathon would do it.
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