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6. Steps
in  Old School
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#1 Spence0:23,62
121 pts
#2 Andrew A0:23,64
116 pts
#3 Kenn0:24,08
112 pts
ViewIf I had a little more bike control at the time of the jump, this would have been a clear gold as you can see in the H2H:  Kenn vs. 2 others

I mainly did this because as of two weeks ago, Lasertag has become the route that has taken longer than any other route to be duplicated by a second player, previously to the best of my knowledge that was this route, correct me if I'm wrong.

My question is this: Does this make Lasertag the new hardest trick/route in the game, or should we skip right past that and call it Fear of the Dark?

For those that may be interested, I do plan on improving this a few more tenths of a second to remove Spence's possession of the gold
#4 Champ0:24,22
109 pts
#5 Kamirashi0:27,68
107 pts
ViewReally messed up the ending, but at least I didn't die xD
#6 Vega0:38,88
105 pts
#7 Xuzz0:38,90
103 pts
ViewOne frame. FML.
#8 Kristopher0:39,18
101 pts
ViewMore than just 39.xx!
#9 bones0:40,04
99 pts
#10 BikerBrian0:40,42
97 pts
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