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Mr.Pickle's first Requires v1.5
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Since: 10 Dec 2007

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The Climb.
also everyone needs to play this one.
pickle!!! :]
every one needs to play this level,its one fo the best ones in my whole pack
hard!takes presishon.
this was an attempt at a pickle level,I couldent make the shape right so I tried writing it its an alright level but its not that great
spin to get moving.
this level its hard to get moving but its fun once you do
can you make the jump?
this level is just interesting no hof potential I think but its kinda fun to play.
hold down go button,till caution sig
this was me just playing with the portals,you hold down the go buton till the cation sign.
pure entertanment.
this is my best auto mated and one of the longer automateds in existance,also incorporating portals
this was a automated but its so short its not much fun to wach.
DON'T MOVE....till the end!!
it looks alot better when you this level......yeah....
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Here: http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=mr.pickle .
every one I went thru alot of trouble to put these vids up so please wach them^^^^^
*mainly "the climb"that one is the most unike (cant spell it)of all
has no one wached them?please wach the one right up there^^^^^^)
ok will at least one person coment on what they thin of"the climb"? please! If its not very good I want to know so I can improve!please wach this recording!

http://fusionware.our eordie/mygames/index.php?c=mr.pickle

at least one person tell me what you think please!
kris,how do you make a clickable link?I took out all the spaces
Mr. Pickle, I've watched the video of the climb. It's harder than you make it look. I can't make it much past the first bend.

It would be rewarding to beat it, but I've been spending all my time just trying to keep up with you...
I never siad it was easy but bouncing beetween walls like that would make a great HOf level if you ask me,and its tons easyer than say....cmr or cave dweller.
lol was the climb your cmr@ replacment cause it has the same not gonna lie i cant do it at all and not to be modest but that means a lot of others cant either.(granted i did only try it like 200 times but still it annoyed me i never got up the tunnel)
actully this one I made before making the cmr sequel,the cmr one was hard evan after getting up the tunnel thats why I made this one easyer but bones serieously your cmr level takes an average of like 500-600 tries for the average player to complete there first time,and its one of the best levels ever made,so only trying a level 200 times and not beating it does not prove a thing
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